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10 Practical Ways to Defeat Allergies

10 Practical Ways to Defeat Allergies

There is a misconception among many that allergies in general are just minor health concerns. For some people, allergies can be fatal if not attended right away. Fortunately, there are natural ways by which you can defeat allergies.  Thus, you do not need to buy expensive prescribed medication just to alleviate allergy symptoms.  Some of such ways are very easy to follow and may even come as a surprise.

Here are ten practical helpful ways to slug it out with allergies:

Be sensitive. It simply means that you need to pay more attention to situations which normally lead to the occurrence of allergy attacks.  There are many possible causes and triggers. Knowing those will help you avoid allergies.  Prevention is better than cure, so they say.

Get rid of the furs and rugs. Carpet is one place where dust, mites, insects and other microbes that cause allergic reactions reside. Hence, it is best to replace carpeted floors with tile, hardwood, or linoleum as these types of floors help eliminate nearly 100% of dust mites.  If floor alteration is not possible, clean the carpet thoroughly and regularly.

allergy inducing pollen

Shut it out. In most cases, allergens come from the outside. Pollen counts as one of the common allergy triggers.  By closing doors and windows, you keep pollen out of your home.  It also helps to install air filters in the air conditioning system and furnace.

Use safer cleaning solutions and methods. Cleaning your home is also one of the ways to get rid of allergy triggers.  However, using cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals can irritate your nose and worsen allergy symptoms. Thus, use ordinary household products to clean your house like baking soda and vinegar. If you use a vacuum cleaner, use a brand with high-efficiency particulate resistance or HEPA filters to catch allergens. In case your allergy symptoms are severe, have someone else clean the house.

Wash and freshen up before bedtime.  It is not enough to clean your home. Our body also accumulate dust and pollen through the hair and skin. Thus, it is recommended to wash yourself with soap and warm water before bedtime.

Be hydrated at all times. Drinking water, especially alkaline water helps cleanse the body.  By being hydrated, allergy experts say that at least 38% of allergic symptoms are relieved. But why alkaline water?  Most bottled water, including tap water are considered as acidic and acidity is known to be an allergy trigger as well.  By drinking alkaline water, you reduce the possibility of triggering allergic reactions on your body.  As for the recommended amount, one should drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water every day.

Shield your body with vitamin C. Allergens encourage the body to produce histamine which is the culprit for common allergy symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, and excess mucus for example.  By adding vitamin C into your diet, you boost your immune system. Your body can defeat allergies better when your immune system is boosted.

eat healthy food to avoid allergies

Eat healthy food always. According to numerous studies, people who eat fruits, nuts, and fresh vegetables experience lower incidence of allergy attacks compared to those who are not fond of following a healthy diet.  Eating healthy foods not only help minimize allergies, it also keeps the body generally healthy too.

Avoid food which causes allergy. In connection with the previous tip, not all healthy food is created equal when it comes to allergies. There are still generally good food which causes allergic reactions. Hence, consider eliminating anything which triggers allergies. Some of which include pasteurized dairy products, processed sugars, gluten, non-organic meats, fried and fast foods, junk foods, and wrong cooking oils. These are some of the reasons why people suffer skin swelling, stuffiness, and itchy skin. The body reacts differently when it receives food loaded with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, animal hormones, food coloring and other toxins. But this varies per individual so you need to consult an expert before deciding which type of food to remove from your diet.

Provide safety nets for your body. Drink nettles in tea form because nettles are recognized as one of the oldest and effective natural ways to defeat allergies.  One of the benefits associated with drinking nettle tea is that it does not cause drowsiness and heart problems which are common side effects of expensive pharmaceutical allergy treatments.

As you can see, natural ways to defeat allergies are not really complicated.  In fact, you are most likely already familiar with most of the tips above.   

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Michelle R Formica

Michelle R Formica

I have an allergy to anything but cotton for pants. It only affects my legs and private area. When I wear anything that has spandex lycra polyester nylon etc. My skin gets prickly and itchy an dry yes it affects my sinuses also and it gives off this horrible chemical smell. I can’t describe it. Anyway I’m in search off cotton only jeans. I have found one pair on Amazon. And joanns fabrics has cotton only jean material but then I need someone to make them. Any suggestions please help. I do best wearing dresses of course with no pantyhose and winter is coming. This allergy is getting worse!

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