Organic Baby Clothes

By Adam, March 28, 2010 2:51 am

How much safer are organic baby clothes? Some of the pesticides used to treat textile fibers can cause cancer, but the risk seems to be negligible. Some of the chemicals used to treat cotton fibers are petroleum-based and therefore they are very hard to wash away. Moreover, another great problem with conventional baby clothes are dyes that can cause skin allergies and irritations. Organic baby clothes seem to be the solution by their toxin-free content. Any environment-conscious parent should think about purchasing ecological products for the babies, toddlers and children.

There are people who claim that the benefits of organic baby clothes are not exactly direct, since there are very few chances of skin reactions to the fertilizers and pesticides used to treat the plants that give the fibers. The toxic residues are mainly eliminate during the processing of the fibers. Only extremely sensitive skin will have reactions to the minor residues in the fabric. The reduced stress on the environment therefore becomes the main benefit of organic baby clothes.

Price is usually a problem that prevents many people from buying organic baby clothes. Sometimes the costs of such apparel items are with 50% higher than conventional clothes, and few people are willing to invest in clothing items that will only be worn for a month or two. Plus, the need to constantly renew the little one’s wardrobe will further become an issue of affordability.

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