Organic Clothing- Putting an End to a Number of Health Problems Among Infants

All young children suffer from health issues at some point. This is particularly common among 1 – 4 year olds. In many cases, parents are able to detect the cause of these problems and then put the necessary measures in place to help ensure they don’t reoccur. However, there is one area of concern that many parents haven’t picked up on.

Many people might not agree, but the clothes our baby’s wear has a significant influence on their health and happiness. There are properties within baby clothes that can cause a number of skin-related problems and health problems overall.

For a number of years now, the clothing industry has been bombarded by an endless supply of synthetics, mostly because they are extremely cheap to make. Nylon and polyester are the two biggest players in the synthetic clothing market. They contain a number of toxins and chemicals that are potentially hazardous to our baby’s health.

Despite a significant shift towards products that are made from sustainable source, there are many people who continue to subject their babies and themselves to the effects of mass-produced synthetic clothing.

Unlike organic baby clothes, synthetic clothes contain things like aggressive dyes, chemical fabric treatments, brighteners and formaldehyde. In many fabrics, formaldehyde is actually used as a fire retardant to bind pigments and also create stiffness. To add to this, formaldehyde is also a carcinogen, which is commonly known for causing serious skin problems to young children, such as allergies, dermatitis and other reactions. And it’s not just skin problems that we need to worry about, as some of the chemicals used in synthetic clothing is known for affecting the immune system and cause behavioral problems among our children.

Organic clothing offers nothing but the best for our children. It includes none of the harsh toxins and chemicals associated with synthetics. Thankfully, there is a continual growth in the organic baby clothing market and along with this has come reduced prices. This only makes it easier for parents to kit their babies out in clothing that is going to help raise a healthier and happier child.

by Anita Bonita (—Putting-an-End-to-a-Number-of-Health-Problems-Among-Infants&id=4513408)

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