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Organic Clothing and Natural Feelings


If we take a decision to have fabrics which is devoid of any chemicals we will be one among many to be instrumental for avoiding many negative impacts which are having far reaching consequences. The notable among them is that we are taking the first step to remove the harmful chemicals from the fertilizers and pesticides at our surroundings which are directly responsible for altering the ecosystem.

There are obvious and glaring examples through out the world, one of them is the dead zones of Gulf of Mexico. This is created by the continuous use of harmful chemicals containing in the heavy fertilizers, which is constantly pouring to the rivers and is carried down stream. This not only damages the eco balancing of the earth but also a constant threat to the endangered species, notable among them is the bald eagle.

Having taken a decision to go for only clothes that is organic or in other words without chemicals, we have to also take into account that the clothing which you are going to have, has to pass the test of fair trade regulations. The fair trade is nothing but to ensure legally and ethically that the workers who are engaged in the production of these items are treated fairly and their remunerations are in commensurate with their efforts

Adhering to the fair trade regulations is a current trend particularly for those who take the organics as their way of life and also for them who are dreaming of a pollution free earth. But the negative flip of the coin is the cost of production of eco friendly clothing. The eco friendly and fair trade goods are indeed expensive due to their cost of production. The fabrics which are exposed to fertilizers and pesticides are far cheaper than the organic one.

The fact that for the production of organic clothes requires no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, it also gives no irritation to the skin. This is due to the non inclusive of certain addictives which normally used to prevent wrinkles to the clothes. For example, the chemical Formaldehyde, a bonder substance for the wrinkle free cotton fabrics, is a confirmed chemical for causing irritating allergy, and also most likely to induce side effects of deformities of the infants and even to the extent of causing cancer.

As a general rule the present acceptable level of formaldehyde may not be that harmful for a vast majority of humans, but it does give a harmful impact to those who are susceptible to allergies. The countries like Japan and Sweden have already banned formaldehyde in cosmetics.

It is the chemicals which make the fabrics wrinkle free look. So the absence of such chemicals will indeed pose problems and challenges for maintaining organic clothing. But thankfully there are products of organic origins to reduce the problems of maintaining organic fabrics.

When you are for organic clothing you have to go for soft laundry soaps made from organic substances, as naturally the harsh chemicals will certainly reduce the look and durability of the cotton fabrics. The greatest aspect is that such organic detergents are bio degradable and posing no threat to the eco system.


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Susie Fox

Susie Fox

I have an Allergic reactions to latex and rubber.



3years ago after wearing braces,swollen lips for 2 years. Ortho DR Ash refused to believe I could be allergic to metal braces. Braces off; 2 months later entire immune system shut down. I know have so many allergies to latex,rubber cobalt blue,carbide. I get severe pressure in ears and head until I get it off. Sometimes the veins in my hands and head pop out. Does anyone else experience this?One allergist told me to see a psychiatrist. Thanks right,

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