Going Green in 2011

 First comes the New Year, and then comes the resolutions.  With eco awareness on the rise, it's not surprising that many New Year's resolutions are to start living green.   While green living may be the new buzz word, to start doing it may take some definition.

Our eco friendly training defines green living or a sustainable lifestyle as a set of choices that minimizes a person's environmental impact.  Why is living a sustainable lifestyle appealing?  A sustainable lifestyle is chosen for a host of reasons.  Some are inspired to protect natural resources while others are called to ensure healthier living.  There are those that embrace a sustainable lifestyle because it makes sense financially.  Regardless of the source of inspiration, many are now finding the value in living green.

Following are 10 tips to get you started in living a sustainable lifestyle:
1.    Organics: visit your local farmer's market for organic fruits and veggies and use organic personal care and clothing from natural fibers.
2.    Recycling: recycle everything! Paper, materials, home items, and more!
3.    Energy efficiency: purchase energy efficient appliances.  Buy and use renewable or wind energy and monitor your use of energy.
4.    Water: get to know what is in your water and use it efficiently.
5.    Indoor air quality: use chemical free cleaners, live plants, sustainable fabrics and paint in your home. Your indoor air quality will improve and you'll support sustainable businesses producing green products.
6.    Green your home: Reduce your use of paper and eliminate junk mail.
7.    Innovate and inspire your employer and coworkers and green your work.
8.    Green your travel.
9.    Make every day choices matter.
10.  Explore which alternative transportation option is interesting to you. 

Worried about making those resolutions stick?  Here are a few more tips:

1.    Select one eco action that you feel inspired to act on.  The key words here are one and inspired.   If it's a big resolution and meaningful to you, we suggest picking one thing.  Also, go for something BIG!  An area in which you really want to see achievement and a feeling of reward. 

2.    Break it down.  Start by working backwards working from the end result to where you are now.  One of the biggest problems is that the goals we set are sometimes too drastic or too big to bite off.  We make efforts towards that goal and when we see little to no progress, we give up.  So, by breaking it down, backwards, you get an idea of what stage you would like to be in towards that development.  Then, start taking action towards the smaller, incremental goal.  In time, that goal will lead you to the next incremental goal and then the final goal.

3.    Recognize and acknowledge indicators.  Indicators are improvements in your mood towards your goal.  If you are feeling good about your efforts, how you are doing, noticing yourself taking action in a positive way, acknowledge yourself.  In fact, focus exclusively on the positive efforts you are making and that in itself will align you more with the achievement of your resolution.

4.    Have fun with it.  If you can find creative ways to document your efforts and success while holding yourself accountable, then you'll not only find success but enjoy the process as well.



Source: http://envirooftheusa.blogspot.com/2010/12/going-green-in-2011.html

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Hi just read this how can i enjoy wearing my wool cardigan again thanks can i wash it in something to desensitize it x

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