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3 Natural Allergy Treatment Methods

Natural Allergy Treatment Methods


Millions are suffering from allergies. The sad fact is that not all are getting complete relief from expensive drugs prescribed by doctors. Most benefit only from marginal or temporary help despite the costly cost. With that, it is time to encourage everyone to take advantage of natural allergy treatments that are not only cost efficient but are really effective in alleviating reactions.  What’s even best about going natural is that most of the items you can utilize are easily found inside your homes.

Here are three major categories when it comes to natural allergy treatment methods:

Lifestyle Shift

Before anything else, the first rule when it comes to availing any kind of treatment is of course to determine the reaction triggers. If you are already aware about the causes of your allergic reactions, you can first try some of the methods below to ward off allergens:

  • Avoid food that causes allergic reactions.  Some food known for causing allergies include nuts, dairy products, fish, junk food, and items containing preservatives.  
  • Prevent dust and mites from entering the house. You need to dust off before you walk through the door.
  • Use high efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner, heating system, and air conditioner. This helps prevent allergy symptoms from getting worse by not stirring pollen on the floor and on your furniture.

Lifestyle change is a natural treatment which you do not need to buy. Research proves that exercise may help because sweating out can minimize symptoms of allergies. Giving up smoking and drinking is also beneficial because tobacco and excessive alcohol can accelerate allergic reactions.

Food and Diet Modification

You can also treat allergy naturally by ingesting natural food and supplements with good bacteria.

food supplements for allergy

Some well-known food and ingredients which inhibit allergic reactions include the following:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – a time tested recommendation which helps reduce the production of mucous and clean the lymphatic system as well; thus, minimizing allergy symptoms.
  • Local Honey – the idea behind taking only locally produced honey is that it will help your body adapt to allergens within your own environment; hence, minimizing reactions to allergens in your immediate location.
  • Turmeric – a natural decongestant which does not only ward off allergy symptoms but also colds as well.
  • Coconut Oil – you can either ingest it or apply it locally to areas where skin allergies have already developed in order to relieve itchiness and skin inflammation. If you use the extra virgin variety, it’s even better. You can overdose your body with it but won’t feel any side effect except for some who tend to visit the toilet frequently.

In terms of food supplements, you can rely on the following when it comes to natural treatments to allergies:

  • Probiotics – simply intake an ample amount of good bacteria daily.  For probiotics, the more the merrier; thus, you won’t have to worry about side effects.  You can either buy probiotic food supplements or make your own probiotic rich food at home.  
  • Spirulina – it is a kind of algae which is packed with Vitamin B12 and helps ease nasal congestions as well as eliminate sneezing.  You can add spirulina to your favorite shake and smoothie.
  • Herbal supplements – green tea for example is a proven natural antihistamine. You can take herbal supplements in various forms like drops, tea, or capsule.

Other Alternative Natural Methods

You may also try acupuncture, an ancient Chinese tradition as a natural way to relieve allergy symptoms. The process involves lightly inserting needles to your body.

Acupuncture has been known to treat sneezing, puffy eyes, runny nose, and other body or health issues.  According to experts, the pace of allergy alleviation depends on the strength of complications; thus, some people will experience relief on the first session while others need months before they see noticeable improvements.

There are so many things you can rely upon when it comes to natural methods of treating allergies.  Try some of these these today! These no harm in trying. It’s all natural anyway.

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