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Changing Your Diet Can Help Cure Eczema

Changing Your Diet Can Help Cure Eczema

A woman who’s been battling a skin allergy called eczema may have found a cure to her debilitating condition. Claire Sampson, 32, has been suffering from inflamed eczema, which leaves her skin itchy and red and sometimes it peels off, which has been a source of embarrassment for her.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition wherein the skin becomes itchy, red, dry and cracked.

Sampson’s condition came to the point that she couldn’t even wear her wedding ring, or any ring for that matter, because her skin would immediately start sprouting red welts that were extremely itchy. Her condition even escalated that she began experiencing pain in her arm. Just like any other person who suffers from skin allergies Claire Sampson decided to consult her doctor to seek medical help.

But unfortunately, the steroid cream that her doctor prescribed didn’t work at all.

According to Sampson the cream did nothing to alleviate the pain and itchiness and when she consulted a dermatologist she was about to give up on finding a cure when she was told that she will always have eczema. But Sampson was persistent about curing her skin condition and tried to find ways to help her skin be rid of eczema.

Claire underwent YorkTest’s food allergy test, which pitted her against over 162 food and drinks to see if she’s allergic to any of those. According to the result, Claire is allergic to cow’s milk, yeast, avocado and carrots. As soon as she discovered this Claire immediately avoided these foods and the effect was almost instantaneous.

She said that it only took seven days for her eczema to clear up and after that she was beaming with joy because she finally got to wear her wedding ring and engagement ring once more. Sampson added that her arms and hands cleared up too. Before when she was suffering from eczema her palms were riddled with flaky skin and red patches but after swearing off from the foods that she was allergic to all of those debilitating conditions went away.

Another woman tried a different approach, which involved bath salts. Vicky Worth, 31, has been suffering from eczema since she was a baby and growing up with this condition caused her great distress. She said that her skin condition almost made it impossible for her to go out of the house for fear of being ridiculed by other people.

Just like Claire, Vicky tried multiple prescribed medicines and creams by dermatologists but none worked for her. Until a friend of hers suggested she try bathing in Epsom salts. After bathing in Epsom salts for a week her eczema went away and her skin became smooth like it never had any rashes before.

The distinct improvement in Vicky Worth’s skin boosted her self-esteem and if before it was a gargantuan effort to leave the house and socialize with other people nowadays she’s more confident to face the world once more.

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