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Spread the Love, Not the Allergens

Spread the Love, Not the Allergens

There will be millions of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers to be exchanged on Valentine’s day. This holiday may be sweet for some, but for those who suffer from allergies, it can be a little sour. We believe that keeping your loved one’s allergies in mind when making plans for this day, is one of the sweetest things you can do. There are several possible allergens in little things around Valentine’s day and here, we list some of them, as well as some tips that would help you and your special someone prepare for this lovely day:


A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful gift, unless the one receiving it has certain plant allergies. Luckily, you’ll be safe if you stick to giving the classic rose bouquet, as roses tend to have less pollen. Other flowers that have less pollen include lily, pansy, periwinkle, tulips, and irises, which are all as beautiful as roses.

Perfumes and scents

It will be better to go light or without perfume or cologne on your date, as heavy fragrances can irritate airways and trigger asthma attack.


Chocolates contain potential allergens like dairy and nuts. Aside from asking someone if he or she could be your date, it would also be smart to ask if they have any food allergies. Communication is key and this information will be useful when making dinner plans as well.


If you know that your special someone has a specific type of allergy, it will be better if you cook dinner yourself because it will be easier for you to control for food allergens. However, if you decided to go out and try some of the local restaurants around town, it might be best to call ahead and ensure that they can accommodate food allergies.


Planning to impress someone on Valentine’s Day by giving them a new bling? A set of earrings, a ring or a necklace is a very good option, but you have to remember that jewelry can be made, or can contain nickel, a common skin allergen. It can cause a red, itchy rash on the skin, which is not a very good sight.


If you think candles and fire and dim light is romantic, you might want to try to scratch if off your list if your honey has asthma or allergy. Also, do not subject your loved one to second-hand smoke from cigarettes. There is however, a better alternative for this. There are LED light candles available in the market, if you still want to go full on candlelit dinner this Valentine’s Day.

Advice for allergy-sufferers

Dodging allergens daily is a big inconvenience for allergy sufferers, and Valentine’s day is no different. But this should not stop you from celebrating it with your loved ones. We give you some tips that will help you push through with your Valentine’s day plans.

Be upfront and confident

You’ll feel a lot better when your date knows about your allergies beforehand, and they will appreciate you being upfront about it. If you don’t know how to open the topic up to them, try dropping allergy facts into the conversation. That way, you are also giving them the chance to ask you questions and help keep you safe.

Make sure you have your medical kit

The one thing that you should never leave without is your medical kit. Whatever yours includes, make sure you have it in your bag. Inform them about what it is, and how to use it, in case your allergy strikes while you’re in a middle of a romantic date. By getting them involved, you are showing that you trust them.

Valentine’s day is a wonderful time of the year, and we want nothing more but to add good memories to the books. Whatever your plan for the day is, take a moment to think about known allergies your significant other may have. Your partner should be left smitten and breathless in awe, not from an asthma or allergy attack.

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