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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Eco-Friendly Moms

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Eco-Friendly Moms

From the moment their children were born, mothers have never stopped thinking about ways to make their children comfortable. 

As we all know, mothers are the best and selfless in everything that they do. They endure sleepless nights, prioritize family obligations, busy themselves in the kitchen, and above all, take care of their children in sickness and in health. 

They provide unconditional love and enormous sacrifices for the sake of their children, teaching them good principles, keeping them fed, and bringing them joy even without wanting to have something in return.  

So instead of attempting to repay your ever perfect mom financially for all the things she has done for your benefit, you can always pay her back in spades. At Cottonique, we believe that all moms deserve to feel at ease on their special day. And while they usually put our comfort before thinking about themselves since Day 1, it's high time we express our undying love and appreciation using this gift-guide. 

This Mother's Day, allow your eco-friendly mom to lounge comfortably at home with our chemical-free and GOTS-certified all-natural cotton clothing! From organic tops and bottoms to bras and accessories, we got just what you need to reignite a display of filial affection to that loving person who gave you birth.


  1. Women's Full Slip

Made from a high-quality organic cotton fabric, this hypoallergenic full slip can help your mom achieve  that long-sought sleep without having discomfort in the middle of the night. 

Since some full slips are made from standard polyester material, which can cause irritation and breakouts, always choose 100% organic cotton clothes like this for that uninterrupted sleep and itch-free experience.

  1. Women's Camisole

Developed without latex and spandex, our camisole feels soft and comfortable inside and out, making this a perfect go-to outfit even for moms! 

Its light and breathable organic cotton fabric does not constrict while the soft cotton shoulder straps give comfortable support without irritating skin. Let your problems with tops made from synthetic materials slip with this allergy-free full slip. 


  1. Women's Drawstring Boxer Shorts

If your mother has complained about having irritations after a certain underwear, she might be wearing undergarments with elastics in it. Avoid allergy to elastic with this hypoallergenic drawstring boxer shorts ideal for wearing around the house and sleeping. 

This piece has an adjustable 100% cotton braided drawstring for a perfect fit instead of an itchy elastic waistband, ensuring a soft, comfortable, and completely non-irritating experience. 

  1. Women's Drawstring Lounge Pants

Just like the drawstring boxer shorts, this drawstring lounge pants are perfect for sleeping, relaxing at home, or running errands with its lightweight and non-restrictive features. 

Its breathable 100% organic cotton fabric allows a full range of motion to keep your legs cozy and itch-free while the non-elastic waistband, replaced with all-cotton drawstring instead, does not aggravate atopic dermatitis. It'll be a relief to let your mom have this in her closet! 


  1. Deborah Latex-Free Support Racerback Bra

We know too well that a normal day for a mother can be tiring. To help her through exhausting days, surprise your mother with our newly released Deborah Latex-Free Support Racerback Bra that provides heavenly relief day and night! 

Its discreet, front-fastening poppers give an effortless, gentle lift while the soft under band encased in an elastic-free rubber gives a weightless, allergy-free experience. 

  1. Racer Back Pullover Bra

Since we believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable no matter their sizes, we created a front closure support bra that ensures easy all-day use even for the queens! 

Its soft and breathable fabric provides full coverage support without itch while the latex-free and spandex-free elastic band gives support and comfort without restricting your movement. After all, you can't have comfort without the right fit. 


  1. Women's Hypoallergenic Shawl

Aside from frontliners, mothers are also working hard on this pandemic. With countless dishes in the sink and dirty laundry, they deserve something to keep them warm and comfortable. 

Let your mom feel light and cozy with this allergy-free organic cotton shawl which works to keep them warm amid the chilly breeze, protect their skin from the hot sun when traveling, and complement their chosen outfit for a night out. 

  1. Cotton Scrunchies

This needs no introduction. Untidy and unkempt hair doesn't look good on your mom while celebrating this Mother's Day. If there's something simple you can do to treat her on this special day, start with caring for her crowning glory!

Our cotton scrunchies, made with 100% organic cotton, hold every hair in place and support styles that your mom will surely want to have like ponytails, up-dos, or even a bun. This also comes in 5 pieces per pack, so your mom won’t have to worry about losing one! 

TAKEAWAY: While this special occasion reminds us to realize the importance of those people whom we regard as our mothers, our love and praise for their hardships, sacrifices, and unconditional support should be expressed to them daily as much as we can. 

Celebrate this day with much enthusiasm. Whatever you do, whether through giving gifts, treating her food, pampering her to a nearby salon, or doing her daily house chores, the moment that you'll greet her with a wide smile and warm hug will surely suffice. 

To read more about the history of the celebration, click here. And to find out what products are on sale in our collection during this special occasion, find out here. Happy Mother's Day!

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