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Why You Need a Racerback Bra

Why You Need a Racerback Bra

A racerback bra is a must-have in any girl’s closet. It’s comfortable to wear and it works with a wide range of ensembles. It also suits a variety of breast sizes and shapes. Some racerback bras have other features, such as a clip or detachable straps that can be worn in different ways.

If you’re thinking about getting a racerback bra, we’ll help you decide by listing all the top benefits to this style that you need to know about.

Comfy and sporty

It’s such a nuisance having bra straps fall off our shoulders. Women with narrow or sloped shoulders usually struggle with this issue, but racerbacks are the solution. The racerback design holds the straps in place to help prevent slipping. They’re also well suited for women who often wear tank tops or tops with the racerback style backs (particularly sportswear), and don’t want their bra straps to be seen. There are also racerback bras that are made from 100% organic cotton, an added comfort especially for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Provides extra support

Racerback bras offer support to women of all sizes but they offer ultimate support for women with large breasts. That’s because the straps are designed to meet and cross in the middle of the back, dispersing the weight of your breasts evenly across the entire back.

Racerbacks are versatile

Racerback bras are generally pullover or front-closure bras which you can put on and take off easily. They are worn usually as a sports bra and with good reasons: you won’t worry about straps falling off and you get extra support when doing high-intensity exercises. They are not only used as gym wear. There are styles that can be worn daily or on formal occasions as an innerwear partnered with a blazer or a jacket.

No more pain

Usually, people with large breasts complain of pain especially while doing exercises. But the racerback design helps relieve pressure that large breasts may put on the upper back, shoulders, and neck. They may actually improve your posture as well. Shoulders of women with large breasts tend to slump forward due to the weight of the breasts, but racerback bras counteract this by pulling the shoulders backward.

Check out Cottonique’s collection of hypoallergenic 100% organic cotton bras here. If you’re unsure about your bra size, we can help you out with that with a very short how-to.

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