Finding authentic organic cotton apparel.

For many years I have been troubled by allergic reactions to latex, spandex and other allergens that are found in bra fabrics. I suffered through red itchy rashes, open sores, discomfort, and having to pull on the bra to make it more comfortable throughout the day. I bought a dozen new bras that were advertised as 100% cotton, only to realize that only the cups were all cotton, and I still had the same symptoms.

Then Cottonique entered my life. (I questioned the order girl on the phone, unmercifully, but she stayed focused, reassuring me that theirs were indeed 100% cotton.) I ordered two different ones. They came in the mail, I tried both on, made a choice and am thrilled with the quality, softness of knit fabric, having the bra stay in place during the day, and most of all, not having the redness and itchy rash or sores from latex/spandex allergies.

-Judy Guralchuk

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