Latex-Free Organic Cotton Knitted Kids’ Socks (3pairs/pack)


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Ensuring your child's moments of fun—
free from irritation and discomfort.

One of the primary challenges faced by children with eczema when it comes to wearing socks is the tendency of their sensitive skin to become hot, itchy, and sweaty, especially during playtime. Since many regular socks nowadays are crafted from synthetic fibers and treated with chemicals that trap the heat and rub the skin, we created another hypoallergenic alternative designed to provide comfort and relief for your children: Latex-Free Organic Cotton Knitted Kids’ Socks!

Developed for children with sensitive skin, eczema, or latex allergies, these latest non-irritating socks for kids provide the ideal solution for keeping their feet cool, dry, and less prone to unwanted flare-ups. Its breathable rib-knit fabric, made with 100% organic cotton, offers a smooth but improved layer of warmth and comfort against cold and allergens. The elastic-free cuffs, on the other hand, allow proper fit and unrestricted movement, preventing blisters and abrasions. Truly, there’s no better place to start your child's journey toward allergy-free comfort than their feet.


  • Reducing friction, stopping abrasions, and lessening your child's likelihood of experiencing irritation on sensitive skin.

  • Enabling unrestricted movement and promoting healthy blood circulation in your child's feet without the use of latex and spandex.

  • Regulating your child’s temperature and locking in moisture creams or lotions to relieve dry skin or eczema symptoms—something that ordinary synthetic-made socks can’t do! 

  • Keeping your child’s little feet dry, breathable, and odor-free throughout the day to support their active lifestyle, no matter the sports or physical activities. 


  • Unisex
  • Crew length
  • Pull-on closure. Easy-to-wear.
  • Allergy-free construction made with GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton
  • Soft, breathable rib-knit fabric for extra stretch and improved comfort 
  • Smooth toe seam to prevent unnecessary rubbing and irritation
  • Non-irritating heels for maximum comfort and sweat absorbency 
  • Elastic-free cuffs for proper fit and unrestricted mobility
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
  • No latex and spandex 
  • No chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes
      Why Wear Organic?
      5 Reasons Why You Need Knitted Organic Cotton Pieces in Your Wardrobe

      Product Care

      In order to preserve the quality, retain shape, and maintain a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we highly recommend hand-washing our organic cotton knitted garments at no less than 30°C with mild detergent. 

    • If using the washing machine, gentle cycle only.
    • Dry on a flat surface, avoiding direct sunlight. 
    • Never wring or hang dry.

    • Read our Organic Cotton Knitwear Care Guide for more information.

      Note: Seeing some dark spots in your garments? Don't worry about it! These little specks are actually cotton seeds that remained after our chemical-free processes, indicating that the fabric remains purely organic and thrives freely without toxic bleaches, dyes, or textile chemicals.

      Once your garments have been washed, these cotton seeds will gently disappear, too. They will not cause any harmful reaction to the skin as they are normally inherent to natural cotton material. So, the next time you see notice them, be glad about it! You're holding nature's wonder in your hands.

      Customer Reviews

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      James Fletcher
      Fit: True To Size
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Eco-Friendly, Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Dye / Bleach Free, Natural Organic Cotton, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, Environmental Sustainable Clothing
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Latex-Allergy, Comfortable, Sensitive Skin, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities
      Organic Cotton Knitted Kids’ Socks

      very comfortable. happy they are all natural & environmentally safe.

      Clara M
      Fit: Too large
      Conditions: I’m
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Eco-Friendly, Comfortable
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Multi-Chemical Sensitivities
      Good fabric, bad sizing

      I have tried M and S in kids sizes and all have been too big in the foot, but the ankle part is tiny? I’m very disappointed but my size 6.5 foot can fit a size M in kids, so it’s not going to waste. I hope my little one will be able to wear the small. Maybe I should try the Xsmall but like I said, the ankle part on the small wad already tiny.

      Hi Clara! Thank you for your review of our Latex-Free Organic Cotton Knitted Kids’ Socks (3pairs/pack). We're glad to hear that you appreciate the fabric quality, but we apologize for the sizing issue you encountered.

      Your feedback is valuable to us, and we're sorry to hear about the inconsistency in sizing. We understand your disappointment, and we'll make sure to address this issue with our production team to ensure better sizing consistency in the future.

      If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Cottonique!