Women's Allergy-Free Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeve


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Light enough for layering, heavy enough against the cold and harmful allergens

Many turtlenecks, particularly those woven from rough fabrics like wool and polyester, fall short of delivering snug comfort, leaving women with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis grappling with unwanted irritation and discomfort. If you're looking for another hypoallergenic alternative that provides versatility in style while maintaining comfort, our Women's Allergy-Free Knitted Turtleneck Long Sleeve is a valuable addition to your winter wardrobe. 

Designed to provide a classic fit and a sophisticated look without triggering any skin allergies, this latest hypoallergenic top ensures warmth retention, enveloping the neck area in itch-free comfort. The breathable knit fabric, crafted from GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton, eliminates the potential for abrasions or discomfort. Meanwhile, sleeves with cuffs free from harmful elastics diminish the risk of tight, constrictive pressure on the wrists, ultimately elevating the overall comfort for women with skin allergies or sensitivities.


  • Reducing the likelihood of skin irritation on your sensitive, eczema-prone skin by avoiding rough seams, irritating labels, and any potentially harmful chemicals
  • Protecting your neck, arms, and chest area from the harmful effects of exposure to allergens and irritants, ultimately preventing the occurrence of airborne contact dermatitis.
  • Offering dependable insulation to keep your skin comfortably warm during cold weather. It serves as an itch-free base layer for additional clothing, trapping warmth close to your body. 
  • Enhancing the style and coziness of your layered ensembles across a range of settings, whether they're casual, business, or formal gatherings. Turtlenecks are versatile enough to be paired under sweaters, blazers, and jackets.

        • Pull-on closure. Easy-to-wear.
        • Elastic-free cuffs on sleeves for proper fit without constricting your wrists
        • Breathable, non-irritating collar for warmth and protection  
        • Soft, breathable knitted fabric made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton for improved comfort 
        • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
        • Without latex and spandex 
        • Free from chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes


        Why Wear Organic?
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        Product Care

        In order to preserve the quality, retain shape, and maintain a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we highly recommend hand-washing our organic cotton knitted garments at no less than 30°C with a mild detergent. 

      • If using the washing machine, gentle cycle only.
      • Dry on a flat surface, avoiding direct sunlight. 
      • Never wring or hang dry.
      •  Read our Organic Cotton Knitwear Care Guide for more information.

        Customer Reviews

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        Kitty Norris
        Fit: True To Size
        Conditions: Cold winter layers!
        What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Comfortable
        What made you choose Cottonique?: Sensitive Skin

        Natural fibers don’t irritate my skin, especially with winter layers

        Fit: True To Size
        Conditions: Eczema. Chemical hypersensitivity.
        What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Dye / Bleach Free, Natural Organic Cotton, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free
        What made you choose Cottonique?: Sensitive Skin, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities
        Cotton sweater

        Love it. Comfortable and stylish. I recommend. Hooray for no more itchy sweaters!