Sustainability and Water Utilization Disclosure

Sustainability and Water Utilization Disclosure

Sustainability and Water Utilization Disclosure


At Cottonique, we are committed to sustainable practices that not only reduce our environmental impact but also support the communities in which we operate. This document outlines our ongoing efforts to manage our water usage responsibly and showcases our progress and commitment to continual improvement.

Water Source and Impact Analysis

Identification of Water Sources

Cottonique sources its water primarily from municipal supplies, ensuring compliance with environmental standards to responsibly manage our consumption. We strive to utilize water resources judiciously, mindful of the broader implications of our usage.

Operations in Water-Stressed Regions

We understand that water scarcity is a critical issue in various regions. Cottonique conducts regular assessments to understand the impact of our operations on local water resources. These assessments help us to implement strategies that are aimed at efficient water usage, reducing overall consumption and mitigating potential impacts on water-stressed areas.

Organic Cotton Growing Practices and Water Management

Overview of Cotton Growing in India

Cottonique sources its cotton exclusively from India, ensuring all cotton used in our products is organic and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton cultivation typically requires less water due to improved soil health that enhances water retention, reducing the reliance on artificial irrigation.

Current Practices and Future Plans

While we currently do not monitor the exact amount of water used in the cultivation of our cotton, Cottonique is initiating efforts with suppliers to monitor and manage water usage effectively. These data will be gathered, verified, and published to provide transparency about the water footprint of our organic cotton, reflecting our commitment to environmental conservation.

Water Utilization and Management

Year Fabric Washed (kg) Water Utilized (liters)
2021 6,399.24 102,387.84
2022 2,592.32 40,423.76
2023 2,352.66 35,289.90

Sustainability Initiatives and Benchmarks

Cottonique has set specific, measurable, and time-bound targets for water reduction:

  • Short-term Goal (2025): Reduce water usage per kilogram of fabric by an additional 10%.
  • Long-term Goal (2030): Achieve a 20% reduction in total water usage compared to the 2021 baseline.


Cottonique remains dedicated to advancing our sustainability practices, with a particular focus on water utilization and responsible cotton growing. We are committed to managing our impacts thoughtfully and transparently, continually seeking ways to improve and demonstrate our dedication to sustainability.

Date: May 2024