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Women's Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Providing just what women needed in a pair of stylish yet hypoallergenic pants—easy to move in, extremely versatile, and totally allergy-free!

Aesthetic skirts and sporty jeans, despite providing optimal style and flexibility, can pose issues like skin rubbing, heat entrapment, and moisture retention, potentially causing discomfort. When shopping for new bottoms, it's crucial to pay attention to the fabric you choose. Good thing you won't have to worry about that, as you can wear these latest hypoallergenic pants for an irritation-free experience.

      • Cropped pants with square-cut construction
      • Spacious side pockets for convenience
      • Pull-on style that allows ease of movement 
      • Soft 100% cotton drawstrings for easy adjustment
      • Breathable, GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton fabric
      • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
      • No latex and spandex 
      • No chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes

      IDEAL FOR:

      • Countering potential irritation caused by scratchy synthetic-blended pants.
      • Ensuring a friction-free, chafe-free experience for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.
      • Keeping your skin cool and comfortable in warm weather, making it suitable for year-round wear.
      • Effectively preventing eczema flare-ups by eliminating opportunities for moisture, sweat, and heat accumulation on the skin.
      • Providing a comfortable option for casual occasions, enabling a relaxed style with a stylish, itch-free look for various social events.

      Size: 4
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      No Latex No Spandex

      No Bleaches & Dyes

      Superior Breathability

      100% Organic Cotton

      Customer Reviews

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      Nice and soft material, albeit quite thick, very comfortable, delivery was quick also. Will purchase more in the future


      Comfy, well constructed, love the items I purchased.