Women's Slimfit Pullover Bra

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Unbelievably soft and itch-free bra

If you’re looking for a comfortable pullover bra that fits well and gives your bust a flattering shape but without allergies or itchiness, our slimfit pullover bra should be a part of your wardrobe. Made with 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric, this allergy-free piece doesn’t stretch and irritate your skin like synthetic fabrics, making it a perfect bra for women with skin allergies and sensitivities. 

Allergen and chemical-free construction combined with a non-itch design gives you support with no-compromise prevention of skin allergies and irritation, ideal for the most severe allergies and sensitivities. 


  • Stylish V-neck neckline
  • Hypoallergenic bra ring for strap extra support
  • Double-layered cotton lining
  • Latex-free & Spandex-free elastic band for support and comfort
  • Underwire-free and designed to be non-restrictive to movement
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
  • No latex and spandex
  • No chemicals, synthetics, and toxic dyes

      Latex-free Bras
      Breathe Easy With Cottonique’s Allergy-free Bras

      Size & Fit
      • Slimfit
      • Best for A Cups
      • Model is 5'7" with a 34.5-inch bust and wears size 5 or 34A.

      Bra Note:

      Please be informed that our bras are 100% hypoallergenic, which means we do not include any spandex in our fabric. Some of our customers may find that the bras do not fit well all because they do not have extra stretch. The adjustment straps and front closure clasps are there to ensure that these bras will fit them nicely.

      Product Care

      For a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we recommend hand-washing your bras at less than 30°C with a mild detergent. Hang dry, do not tumble dry

      Note: The latex and spandex-free elastic that we utilize in some of our products contains a synthetic material that’s very different from polyester. We then wrapped the said elastic using our 100% organic cotton. If you're unsure about our elastic and its potential effects on your skin, you may opt to check our Allergic Contact Dermatitis product line.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Sharon Cohn
      Fit: True To Size
      Conditions: Elastic allergy.
      What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Eco-Friendly, Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Dye / Bleach Free, Latex-Free and Spandex-Free, Natural Organic Cotton, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free
      What made you choose Cottonique?: Latex-Allergy, Comfortable, Sensitive Skin, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities

      Women's Slimfit Pullover Bra

      Marlene O’Dair

      Women's Slimfit Pullover Bra

      Christine Shirk

      Comfortable and breathable

      Cotton Lover
      Comfortable and allergy free

      I am pleased with the slim fit pullover bra. The straps have a wide range of adjustability and the inner elastic bottom band is fully covered with organic cotton. No elastic touches your body anywhere. Very nice.

      Vivian Hordes

      All of the cottonique products are excellent. Having contact dermatitis, I really appreciate chemical free garments.

      Finally a Cottonique bra for petite slim build womone

      I'm 5.3", small-boned, and curvy, and this is the only Cottonique bra that even comes close to being something I can wear. I normally wear a 30F, so I'm busty. Honesty, the band is still a bit too big for me. It would be nice if Cottonique offered a smaller band in this so I can get better support. A 32" is way too big on me and I'm a healthy weight. I get inclusive sizes are hard because less people buy them, but even having an option in this to slide it tighter would help so many women.

      Nancy P.
      Most comfortable, ever!

      I was blown away by how comfy these bras are; I forget I'm even wearing one. And the fit is perfect (I made sure to measure according to the sizing chart.). I've already recommended them to friends. Thanks, Cottonique!

      Adina Clark

      Women's Slimfit Pullover Bra

      Pullover bra

      Comfy, perfect for days at home as a stand alone bra

      Kathryn Densmore
      Fits perfectly, very soft

      This is my THIRD Women’s Slimfit Pullover Bra and I just love it. Once you find out what size you are, stick to it and you won’t be disappointed. The quality of the cotton is excellent.