Lightweight Latex-Free 100% Organic Cotton Crew Socks (2pairs/pack)

$13.75 USD

The go-to sock in your drawer 

When it comes to preventing allergic reactions, we literally got your feet covered! These Lightweight Latex-Free Crew Socks, made with 100% organic cotton, sit snugly and securely with our innovative circular knitting technique. These hypoallergenic socks reduce the risks of triggering skin allergies as every pair thrives with the absence of elastic

Top to Heel Length: 10" 

  • Unisex Fit
  • Cottonique branding design on sole
  • Core spun sewing thread on toe seam
  • Shape-retaining socks even after numerous washes
  • Chemical-free, synthetic-free fabric
  • Latex-free and spandex-free garment
  • Dye-free & resin-free fibers 
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin

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      Latex Allergy

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Janet Foster
        Good socks but they are huge! I got small. I’m a size 5 and they fly off when I walk.

        Nice weight. But they don’t shrink.

        Susan Pettit
        Best socks EVER!

        My mother loves them! They are so comfortable! No elastic to leave indentation marks on her legs or feet.

        Great socks

        These basic no nonsense socks are such a welcome from the over engineered uncomfortable and bazaar looking stuff out there. They fit good look good and wash good.

        Porsche Glass
        CREW socks

        Great product. Feels good and great material.


        Soft and no allergic reactions.

        Great socks in very wasteful packaging

        The socks are great, fit snugly and stay up pretty well considering they are 100% cotton. Sadly for an eco-friendly product, they come in heavy-duty packaging and create a lot of trash. I would recommend the socks, but the packaging should be changed for sure.

        Pamela Peterson
        Unisex not for women

        Your unisex socks are way too big for women's sizes 6 and below gor sure.

        Mary Kelly
        Latex free as promised but flimsy and soon saggy

        I loved the feel of these socks and they didn't give me rash like other socks. But they were soon saggy, one sock soon got a hole in the toe seam.

        Lyne Audet
        Comfortable but don't hold on the legs

        I'm glad to finally have received those 100% cotton socks after 1½ month I ordered them, they are comfortable for my feet but they don't hold on the legs at all. I must put an elastic "kind of" around the top of the socks to keep them up. It's sad because they are at a high cost. Sorry for my english because I am a french canadian woman. I wish you will improve them and when you will, I would be glad to be noticed about it. Have a good day!