Women's Hypoallergenic Shawl

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Your extra layer of warmth, comfort, and allergy-free protection

If woolen shawls and synthetic sheets and towels trigger your allergies, our Hypoallergenic Shawl is the perfect allergy-free alternative that you’re looking for.

Made with 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric, our shawl not only keeps you warm when the weather gets cooler, it also protects your neck and body from contact from allergens and other irritants. This makes our shawl the best companion for women with skin allergies and sensitivities to keep warm during the cold season.

Length is 80" and the Width is 28".


  • Soft, lightweight fabric made from 100% organic cotton 
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin
  • Without latex and spandex
  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

Can Your Clothes Make You Sick? Yes, and Here's Why 
How to Style with Organic Cotton Clothes

Product Care

For a continuous uncompromised allergy-free experience, we recommend washing your shawl at less than 30°C with a mild detergent. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry with low temperature

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Rachor
Fit: True To Size
Conditions: Prefer safe, non toxic clothing
What is the most beneficial property of Cottonique for you?: Eco-Friendly, Comfortable, Allergy-Free, Dye / Bleach Free, Latex-Free and Spandex-Free, Natural Organic Cotton, Chemical-Free, Formaldehyde-Free, Environmental Sustainable Clothing
What made you choose Cottonique?: Comfortable, Sensitive Skin, Multi-Chemical Sensitivities, Others

100% organic cotton is the best choice. This is a beautiful shawl!

Love the shawl

The fabric is great for Fall and Spring. It's so soft and practical. I love the natural color and its width.

Esther Lee

Women's Hypoallergenic Shawl

Paul Gregory

Bought this for my sister. She loved the softness of the cotton, but
commented that at first she thought it was just a piece of cloth I
had sent her. Not having seen the shawl in person I was not sure what
she meant.
I felt perhaps she felt the value was in the practicality of the shawl
rather than the styling. Either way I liked the shawl idea.

Lisa-Marie Mattas

So soft and kind to my sensitive skin!

Good shawls!

Very comfortable shawls that are truly organic. This was the third one I’ve bought!

Diane Popp

I have wanted a simple wrap when I get chilly. Sleeves on jackets are an irritation. I am so very glad I have it. Now think about a heavier one for winter time! Cotton is wonderful!

Judy from VT.
Natural Shawl

Have not worn yet but it is soft and nice and wide and seems to me will be perfect for summer and even to put around my face for a face covering if need be. Thank you for your quality clothing . I wear many of your items .

Sharon Swysgood
Love it!

Love this scarf! Knowing that is is 100% cotton and it is soft, warm and comfortable.


These shawls in natural color are WONDERFUL! My son and my allergies are so severe, that we cannot use regular clothing, sheets, and towels or any dyed materials. I use these shawls, not only as scarves for traveling, but also as sheets, blankets, and towels. I hope they continue making them for a LONG time!