Cottonique helped me fight against my debilitating condition 1

These are great for my highly sensitive skin and because I have a chronic pain disease known as Interstitial Cystitis. My underwear has to be loose, comfortable and free of additives. They fit well, however, I buy them a size larger than normal so that there will be less contact with my sensitive areas and I wear them inside out so that all seams will not directly touch my skin. This is the best product for sensitive people or those with Interstitial Cystitis & Vulvodynia.


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Cottonique socks let my feet beathe 0

I love the Cottonique socks. I've always been big on wearing cotton fabric, For a person that has sensitive skin, i's the best and most natural material. Allows my skin to breath!

- I Li

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Cottonique made me feel feminine again! 0

For several years I had been unable to wear any bras for longer than a few hours without coming out in wheals and a rash. Allergy testing at the hospital proved non specific, although I was allergic to nickel. Without a bosom to speak of I was not able to feel feminine.

However, I was lucky enough to discover Cotttonique and have bought several different styles. They are not glamorous and some styles are better form than others but at least I can feel feminine again!

-Rosemarie Parker

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Thank you for having latex free products!! 0

My daughter had a severe allergic reaction to a substance that had latex in it so she needed to rule out all latex! She had a hard time finding socks and hair products that contained no latex until discovering Cottonique. Thank you for having latex free products!!


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I’m finally free from chafing and rashes 0

Comfort is how this product has changed my life. I'm now free from chafing and rashes. Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I am free of chemical's and dyes that would irritate my skin, Thank you so very much!

-Rhonda Thompson 

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I no longer have eczema on my legs 0

My skin is much more prone to break-outs if I wear synthetic clothing. Even a small percentage of synthetic in the fabric make-up often leads to skin issues for me.

It was very hard to find 100% cotton socks, but Cottonique sells them! With Cottonique’s cotton socks, I no longer have eczema on my legs. Thank you, Cottoniqe!

Jennifer W

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Cottonique made construction work bearable 0

Always have sock rash from working construction.... Switched to 100% cottton socks and problem has vanished.


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Thanks for being there! Amazing Bra! 0

Free and comfortable. Have had some frustration adapting the proper fit. Now that this has been accomplished it is refreshing to not have to deal with the itching etc. that the elastic etc. that caused such frustration for me when wearing a bra that was the only available on the market until now.

Thanks for being there! Amazing that the helps (like these bras) that are now available on the market can even be so helpful and appreciated at this time of my life!


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Cottonique helped my son go through potty training 0

My son was recently potty trained and started having allergies from his new underwears, and asked to put diapers back since the undies were making his belly "hurt" .

I desperately searched for latex free undies , found cottonique , read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. Best decision ever! The cottonique undies did no give my son allergie again and potty train did not get ruined!

-Elisa Gaertner

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I'm a plus size so I was elated to find undies that now I can enjoy wearing without being sick. 0

I'm allergic to Latex and Had been having more and more problems with itching and wheezing and we lying when I put on my under wear. It finally occurred to me it was associated with the elastic in my panties and bras.

I went in the internet and reseRced latex free, all natural under wear and liked the products and information I saw at Clinique. I decided to give them a try. I order a few items and was very happy to see that my symptoms improved and the brad and panties fitted well and Bras gave good support without under wire.

I'm a plus size so I was elated to find undies that now I can enjoy wearing without being sick.


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Cottonique’s bras made my life more comfortable 0

I have dermatitis on various parts of my body. My stomach has spots near the bottom of my bra. Previously, when I wore other bras my skin would become red and itchy. When I use the Cottonique bra I find no irritation.

-Theresa Maciejewski

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I loved a lot the underwear for myself and my child 0

The quality of the products helped me be more comfortable with what I wear and made me more self-confident. I loved a lot the underwear for myself and my child as well as the socks which are long lasting cotton quality. Thank you Cottonique.


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