Helping my son sleep: A mother finds a way to help her son with extreme skin sensitivity. 0

I bought those wonderful pants for my son who suffers from hypersensitive skin. He says these are the most comfortable pants he has ever worn He has not been able to wear anything for bed time for years.thank u for everything.

-Lisa Coiner

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Exploring nature without limits: A woman’s story about conquering skin allergies and going back to what she loves doing – hiking 0

Dear Cottonique,

Thank you so much for being available for those of us who have allergies, etc to the clothing that is available for us to wear. My husband and I especially like your cotton clothing because of its ability to breath. We do a lot of hiking and this past summer I purchased your clothing for the first time. It made our hiking very pleasurable and eased the sweating problem. We look forward to purchasing more for our next hiking adventure.

Also, I am very pleased with your customer service. I had a few questions before I purchased your clothing and they were answered very quickly and thoroughly. I have recommended you to several people who also share my health concerns.

Margie Kibler

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Finding authentic organic cotton apparel. 0

For many years I have been troubled by allergic reactions to latex, spandex and other allergens that are found in bra fabrics. I suffered through red itchy rashes, open sores, discomfort, and having to pull on the bra to make it more comfortable throughout the day. I bought a dozen new bras that were advertised as 100% cotton, only to realize that only the cups were all cotton, and I still had the same symptoms.

Then Cottonique entered my life. (I questioned the order girl on the phone, unmercifully, but she stayed focused, reassuring me that theirs were indeed 100% cotton.) I ordered two different ones. They came in the mail, I tried both on, made a choice and am thrilled with the quality, softness of knit fabric, having the bra stay in place during the day, and most of all, not having the redness and itchy rash or sores from latex/spandex allergies.

-Judy Guralchuk

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Living free: A cosmetologist’s story of how she won over chemical sensitivity 0

After nearly twenty years of working as a cosmetologist, I became allergic to nearly every chemical I worked with on a daily basis including ppd, the chemical found commonly in textile and hair dyes. I quit working as a cosmetologist, and I tried to avoid ppd by wearing white undergarments and clothes, but I still suffered from severe, itchy rashes on various parts of my body. While an allergist had helped me pinpoint specific chemicals to avoid, he couldn't test for every chemical on the planet.

It became my mission to pinpoint and avoid the chemicals that were breaking me out, but textile labels don't include chemicals used in processing. So even my white, elastic-free undergarments were breaking me out. I knew that I had to stop using the steroid ointments prescribed by my doctor, but the bigger problem remained: how can I avoid the chemicals that are breaking me out if I don't know what they are?

After much research, I found Cottonique's website. I knew that I needed to avoid dyes, (unidentified) processing chemicals, elastic, latex, and possibly spandex (I still didn't know for sure what was the cause of my breakouts). So I decided to give Cottonique's unbleached, undyed, elastic-free undergarments a try. After wearing them for about six months, I no longer break out (yay!), and I no longer worry that I am poisoning my body with toxic chemicals. I can't express the relief and gratitude enough!

-Wendy Riddle

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Living a latex-free life: A woman’s quest to find elastic apparel without latex. 0

Cottonique has been the antidote to all my misery. All my life I didn't know that I was allergic to rubber products. Until about 2yrs ago. It was a nightmare for my waist line and my buttocks, the blisters and the ruptures were awful painfully excruciating ,which could spread easily. At one time,I thought maybe I had contracted Herpes simplex virus! But, my doctor tested me and discovered that I was allergic to latex. Thank you, Jesus! So,my waist and bottom has dark spots from outbreaks. So, when I found Cottonique, it was a Blessing to me. I been outbreak free, since my first purchase, and I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks Cottonique!

-Sandy Snow

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Chemical sensitivity and how I overcame it. 0

All my life I have had no problems with any type of allergies, until the past year when I developed a hypersensitivity to formaldehyde. The use and allowable concentrations of this chemical is not regulated by the US government. Practically, it can't be avoided in the modern world, it's in every commercially available piece of cotton clothing and bed linens. It's nearly impossible to remove by washing, soaking or boiling, as I've demonstrated to myself many times. My solution has been to wear the cottonique lounge pants and long sleeved shirt as undergarments and night clothes, which significantly reduces my breakouts. Thanks!

-James Adamson

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Skin allergies made it almost impossible to wear underwear until I met Cottonique. 0

I have always itched with underware and bras. I never knew I shouldn't be itchy. Having underware and bras by Cottonique has been a life changing experience. I no longer itch, no longer scratch, and no longer break out. I can't recommend these products enough. I wish I had found them a long time ago. Would have saved myself much pain.

-Amanda Nevels

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Getting my life back: A man’s journey through the challenges of skin sensitivity issues 0

I developed an allergy to the elastic in my old briefs. I looked for all cotton underwear and found your products. After wearing your string tie briefs for a week, the rash on my waist went away. Since wearing your briefs for months now I have also had improvement with the Eczema on my lower back as well. I have moved away from most synthetic clothing that comes in direct contact to my body. I am now wearing all conn ton tees and golf shirts at work and much more comfortable.

-Tom M.

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Helping my daughter overcome skin allergies! 0

You're a life saver!! My daughter is allergic to elastic underwear and I was in need of underwear for her prior to preschool. I searched online and my mom found your website... Thank God! I was ecstatic! I didn't want my daughter to go to school without underwear and be made fun of by other girls!

-Christina Sauber

Cottonique Hypoallergenic Girl's Panty

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How organic cotton changed my life. 0

I didn't realize it till I was about thirty years old. My sister had been telling me that one hundred percent cotton clothing is much healthier. I was feeling very poorly and needed to make some changes. I thought I might change what I wear, eat, and whats around me to more natural choices. Each thing I changed to a natural product had a big impact on my overall health and how I was feeling. I had less pain, less fatigue and I was more at ease. I found undergarments to be very important to consider. We wear them every day and often when we sleep. Why anyone thought of making clothes from plastic I cannot imagine. Not in any stores but online I found socks that were mostly cotton. A year later I realized oh no what about the elastic bands. I found that I have numbness and pain under them. I came across the Cottonique website recently. I found elastic free one hundred percent cotton everything.

Wow good thinking!

-Frank Gentile

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My lifesaver! 1

Your clothes and service have been wonderful over the years. You made what I thought was contact dermatitis bearable. Cottonique was the only brand that I could wear that would not cause a reaction. However, it turns out that I do not have Contact Dermatitis, but have developed food intolerances that made my skin incredibly sensitive. Now that I have eliminated gluten, milk, nuts and shellfish from my diet, I can now wear elastic, polyester and any other fabric.

I wanted to thank you for your products and service which made it possible for me to get through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Cottonique was a lifesaver for me!


What I think about you 2

I think your service and products are fabulous. I especially love Sam. She is a really great person to work with. She is professional, efficient and super nice. I love my bras and when these wear out I'll buy more from you! Thanks!