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5 Ways to Celebrate National Psoriasis Awareness Month this August

5 Ways to Celebrate National Psoriasis Awareness Month this August

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month! If you have a loved one living with psoriasis, now's the best time to take action, get involved, and show your support for them and others who experience its manifestation.

Every August, the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) unites the community in a show of "support, celebration, and dedication." Aside from pushing for ways to find a cure for psoriasis, the commemoration also calls for a more resilient bond-shared through empathy despite the myriad of challenges.

No matter who you ask, dealing with psoriasis every day is a difficult situation. It affects people of all walks of life, targeting their body systems, putting a toll on their mental health, and incurring annual health care costs greater than those of the general population. 

The skin condition, which typically presents itself through itchy and scaly patches on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp, hits around 8 million people in the US, according to current studies. It also continues to cause feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and depression for nearly 125 million people around the world. 

Aside from dealing with the stigma concerning their skin problems, people with psoriasis are also beleaguered with anxiety and depression. They experience intense sadness and hopelessness as flare-ups occur, thinking they are always on their own, but they don't have to do the fighting alone.

This National Psoriasis Awareness Month, let's take the opportunity to help raise awareness around the prevalence and impact of psoriasis and uplift the community through certain initiatives. At Cottonique, we always encourage people to always look out for those with skin conditions. Here are the five ways you can get involved.


Since we're raising awareness for psoriasis, utilizing social media is the best way to do it. According to Healthline, one of the ways a person can get involved is by sharing facts, resources, or even personal psoriasis stories on social media.

You may use these hashtags:


"Search these hashtags for ideas, and add any or all of them to your posts to expand your reach. You can also get inspiration from the NPF’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts," said the health website. 


Every year, the NPF arranges and hosts both in-person and online events to celebrate the psoriasis community. Last 2020, the organization has arranged a PsO Virtual Active Day. 

"You can walk, run, swim, jump rope, pogo, tango, summersault... you get the idea! And the best part is you get to raise vital funds to support NPF’s efforts, all from the comfort and safety of your own home or neighborhood," said the NPF. To find out their events, follow NPF's Facebook and Twitter pages. 


If you want to help future research efforts concerning psoriasis, why not try donating? Donating funds to an organization helps advance the ongoing studies on psoriasis, paving the way for a brighter future. You can send your donations here:


Another way to get involved is to take part in research studies. or the NPF sometimes offer ongoing studies on psoriasis, but you should consult with your doctor first before signing up. According to Healthline, “sharing your experiences also helps researchers better understand the ways they can help people with psoriasis.” 


It can be heartbreaking to witness your loved ones struggle with the excruciating symptoms of psoriasis. To help alleviate their skin woes, we have made garments that restore confidence, guarantee allergy-free comfort, and provide easement to people with psoriasis.

Since wearing synthetic fabrics, incorporated with chemical additives and harsh elastics, may aggravate the skin, we believe that the best clothing for people with psoriasis should be made from organic materials.

As with other skin conditions, comfort is critical for people with psoriasis, so make sure that those who experience its symptoms are wearing clothes made with the highest cotton content possible. Good thing, we have put the purity of our clothing as our highest priority. 

Our allergy-free organic cotton collections, made without synthetic fibers and other harmful chemicals, promise allergy-free comfort with every wear. From tops and bottoms to accessories and masks, each piece is made through safe processes, preventing skin irritations and flare-ups.

Head over to our website to find clothing choices made from 100% organic cotton that work for your skin. While we may not be able to cure psoriasis itself, we can at least control how we live with it. 

First observed in October 1977, the National Psoriasis Awareness Month is a full-scale national awareness campaign aimed at educating the public about the skin condition and educating patients on topics surrounding causes, triggers, and relevant treatment methods during August. To read more about its history, click here.

For more valuable information regarding psoriasis, visit the NPF. You may also read our related blog: Debunking Misconceptions About Psoriasis.

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