Back To School? Here Are The 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Face Masks For Kids

Back To School? Here Are The 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Face Masks For Kids

The back-to-school vibe is just around the corner, but with the current COVID-19 situation, it will definitely be done under a different atmosphere this time.

With desks spaced 6 feet apart, temperatures checked routinely, and various social distancing marks placed, the once traditional school day has adjusted to the new reality in the past weeks. 

But as the nation focuses on safety issues to help children go back to school under the new normal, one of the things we need to get used to is mask-wearing. While adults like us won't mind adjusting to the new rules, kids might view this as a challenge if we ask them to wear today’s must-have accessory without telling them what it’s for.

As a new report supposedly found a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among children in the United States, parents should know what qualities to look out for when searching for face masks. To help your children better protect themselves in school, Cottonique rounded up 5 useful considerations for you to tick off when looking for the best face masks for your kids.


In mask-wearing, choosing the right fabric matters. For your kids, make sure that the mask has two to three layers of tightly-woven fabric. Organic fabrics, such as cotton, improve the efficiency of cloth masks when used as multiple layers. With higher thread count, cloth masks made from organic cotton protect the wearers better, consistently blocking respiratory droplets while still allowing your kids to breathe comfortably in school.


You can also look out for masks that use an integrated internal pocket. The reserved space inside the mask can be used to slip in a filter that will serve as an extra layer of protection. You must also consider that a filter should be thick enough to block tiny and moist particles. 

Putting in a filter between the fabric layers can improve the capabilities of cloth masks—you need only be wise in adding one. You can insert a paper towel, pieces of denim garments, and even cutouts made from reusable, polypropylene non-woven fiber-based fabric grocery bags.


Let's face it, our kids surely move a lot. Face masks for kids should fit snuggly despite their small yet adorable faces. Avoid giving them masks that they will have to touch repeatedly to keep in place. 

Parents must also remember that highly efficient cloth masks should cover all the sides of the faces, entirely protecting their delicate skin from contact with viruses and other irritants. Moreover, it should not feel uncomfortably tight and suffocative either.


Since kids will be wearing masks to go to school almost every week, it is critical to know if the cloth masks you bought for them are resistant to shrinkage and wear-and-tear. 

You will need to wash your kids’ cloth masks after each use, so using face coverings that lose its shape after laundry might not be the best idea. Also, do not use fabric softener or bleach to avoid compromising the fabric. Now that wearing a face mask has become part of our daily lives, keeping it clean is key to its effectiveness.


If you’re looking for the best face masks for kids, start choosing masks that they’re actually going to wear, particularly those with colors. 

Although visually pleasing masks, especially those designed with pop culture references, are in demand, they, more often than not, offer little protection. Veer away from cloth masks that only provide kids with aesthetics. Instead, pick efficient masks that go with different colors to match your child's mood and personality. In mask-wearing, quality matters more than its design.  


Whether your child will attend school five days a week, learn on hybrid schedules, or participate in classes online, parents should serve as the role model in mask-wearing. Children are more likely to wear face masks once they see the adults around them doing so.

The use of cloth mask outside, especially in school, will encourage kids to follow other COVID-19 preventative measures, like washing their hands and practicing social distancing. Aside from this, we should also teach them when and how it is okay to take breaks from wearing their masks, especially if they're at a safe gap from other people. 

Cottonique’s pick: If you want to make sure your kids are safe from wearing masks, try going for a 100% cotton face mask with this Hypoallergenic Kid’s Face Mask with Adjustable Earloop. This face mask, completely free from chemicals and synthetics, protects children from the virus while keeping them safe from allergens. 

It is also designed with adjustable earloops to allow the mask to fit perfectly on kids' face contour, allowing them to breathe easily without ear abrasion. In this pandemic, pretty visual design isn’t always important.

Head over to Cottonique to find the best clothing pieces for your skin.

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