5 Beneficial Attributes People Love About Cotton

5 Beneficial Attributes People Love About Cotton

More than a thousand years have passed yet no other organic fiber comes close to the desirable attributes innate in the world's most popular natural fiber: cotton. 

A soft fiber that grows with the seeds of the cotton plant, Cotton has become the most important and longstanding fiber in the textile industry due to its versatility, efficiency, and natural comfort.

From socks to underwear down to sheets and astronauts' in-flight space suits, cotton, from fields to fabric, provides so much more as a commodity. 

This World Cotton Day, celebrate nature's wonder fiber by recognizing thousands of useful products and millions of jobs cotton has produced. Cottonique rounded up 5 distinct characteristics that people love about cotton. 


Anyone who has worn organic cotton clothing would surely attest that they felt in their most comfortable. Due to its soft and easily stretchable nature, cotton makes every garment a comfortable fabric to wear. 

Cotton breathes better than synthetic-made garments, so it keeps wearers cool and comfy all day. Also, we think there is no need to question its comfortability since humans have a long association with cotton for ages. 


Cotton is also good when it comes to controlling moisture in the body. Its very structure, which has spaces in between the fibers, readily allows the entry of water. This hydrophilic quality of cotton absorbs liquid from the skin just like how a towel made of 100% organic cotton does. It prevents the body from building up moisture to keep people's skin dry and comfortable. 


The natural fiber's versatility explains why organic cotton clothing has become the go-to apparel these days—suitable for almost any occasion and perfect to withstand the changing weather. In the summer, cotton keeps wearers cool against the heat through light and cozy garments. It can also be made into a tight and dense fabric to provide thermal insulation in the winter. 

Quality cotton sheets and pillow covers are also a good investment since its breathable trait allows people to sleep better at night without getting disrupted by the trapped and moisture in their bodies. But cotton goes beyond clothes and bedding. When it comes to wanting the best for their babies, parents trust cotton-made garments and even diapers to provide maximum comfort to their newborns. 


Cotton has high-tensile strength. Garments made of cotton are less prone to accidental rips or tears because of its durability. It also does not tear easily and survives frequent washings even in hot water. This natural fiber stands out among all other fibers that require delicate handling. Cotton clothing lasts longer, does not stink, keeps its shape, washes easily, and withstands abrasion. 


This is, perhaps, the best quality of cotton. Unlike man-made, synthetic-rich fibers, cotton is naturally sourced from our planet, so people with sensitive have nothing to worry about when wearing it. 

Organic cotton, by nature, is pesticide-free, chemical-free, and bleach-free. And since there are no chemicals and synthetics involved in the manufacturing and production processes, all-natural cotton is less likely to cause a reaction in people with textile dermatitis sensitivities, making every fabric completely hypoallergenic. 

As cotton fibers rarely trigger skin allergies to people with delicate skin, most dermatologists recommend wearing cotton fabric to avoid textile dermatitis. It is, by far, the best choice for people who have sensitive skin, eczema, and other skin issues, including adorable babies with their delicate skin.

While we take this opportunity to celebrate the many advantages of cotton from its qualities as a natural fiber to the benefits people reap from its production, you can visit Cottonique to understand and experience that nothing made in a laboratory will ever be as durable and comfortable as cotton. To know more about the importance of wearing organic cotton, here are some good insights

From agriculture, home furnishing, clothing, beddings, table linens, and whatnots, cotton, without a doubt, is our world's premier fibera natural substance that finds its roots at the heart of mankind's changing ways of life.

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