6 Tips to Give Your Skin the Glow It Deserves

6 Tips to Give Your Skin the Glow It Deserves

Having good, clear skin is not impossible like you may think it is. 

Despite getting disheartened by some of the celebrities that you look up to on social media because of their seemingly perfect skin, you can have the same skin too with the right care and measures.

By following these recommendations below, you can have the same skin too! Here's to one step closer to achieving the clear skin and the glow you've always wanted. 

The first step to achieving clear skin and getting that glow you surely deserve starts by acknowledging the reasons behind why you can't get one. To increase your chances for better skin and see good results, let's start with the don'ts.


Your hands have a lot of bacteria on them because you use them frequently. We open things with them, grab stuff, touch stuff, and all these actions just put dirt, bacteria, and bad oils onto your hands. 

If you begin to touch your face, all that nasty stuff will go onto your skin, and if you have sensitive skin, you're going to break out most likely.  

Even if you wash your hands and use your cell phone afterward, you're still getting a lot of dirt as your cell phone is a cesspool of germs. So, the more you avoid touching your face with your hands, the better it will be. Or better yet, always keep your hands clean. 


Finding the perfect productS for your skin or the perfect face treatment regimen is hard, but you have to stick with it once you do. Remember that consistency is key. However, if the products you're currently using make things worse, that's a different story.  


Not everyone's skin is the same, so what might work for your friend might not work for you. Talk to a dermatologist, find out what type of skin you have if it's dry or oily, then make sure you're using the correct products that cater to you. 

After mastering the don’ts, it’s time you practice discipline and consistency with proper measures. The more you follow your skincare routine and pick up healthy habits, the more your skin will glow over time.

Here are the 6 simple tips to getting that natural glow:


As boring as it is to hear it again, we should all apply SPF every day when we are going outside. Using SPF is the best way to give you glowing skin and a healthier look on your skin. 

Around 90% of wrinkles and other visible changes attributed to skin aging on your face come from sun exposure. By applying SPF, you are giving your face essentially body armor, so put on SPF whenever you can as the sun’s harmful rays can still penetrate even under cloudy skies.  

Also, if you're working at home or spending most of your time inside, then this still applies to you. Cell damaging UVA rays are still able to penetrate glass, so if you work by a window, you better put on some SPF.


If you're someone who suffers from dry skin, this is what you need to do. Moisturizers or some rich serum such as hyaluronic acid will help your skin tenfold. This awesome hydrator can hold 100x its weight in just water. 

This means that if you apply hyaluronic acid on your face, it will draw water into every layer of the skin on your face and hold it there. If you want the best-looking skin and want your skin to glow, then this is a must. 


We hate to hear it sometimes that we need to change the way we eat. While we don't like hearing the news, it's essential to fuel our bodies with healthier options, and the result will have our skin looking amazing. 

You will need to increase your veggie intake and start drinking plenty of water. Watching what you eat has its benefits too.


Drinking alcohol will deprive your skin of vitamin A which will stop its absorption and breakdowns of the nasty stuff on your face. Think about it, after a day of drinking the next day, don't you feel very dehydrated?

If you do, then it's because you don't have enough vitamin A in your system. You don't have to stop drinking alcohol completely, but as long as you cut back on it sometimes and drink more water, then you should be fine.


Going out only once a day to get your vitamin D intake isn't enough. Your body and skin need vitamin D to help it look healthy and to prevent acne. So, if you don't have the time to go outside or only go outside once, then it's time to consider taking vitamin D through pills.

Vitamin D supplements are available at almost any pharmacy and can save your skin. Taking these supplements will raise the protection levels on your skin and natural antioxidants to help your skin look amazing. 


If you're dealing with allergies, chemical sensitivities, or skin conditions, you might want to consider wearing organic cotton clothing. 

Most people are not aware that the fabrics in clothes play important roles when it comes to health and wellness. So if you are always wearing clothes with synthetic materials in them, you are exposing yourself to a lot of risks.

Instead, use all-cotton clothes as they are free from chemicals that can cause rashes and develop allergies in the long run. They are also free from synthetic materials that can also develop allergies when your skin is exposed to them repeatedly. To find the right clothes for you, click here.

TAKEAWAY: As mentioned above, consistency is very important. You can't begin this long journey of having your skin glow if you're only going to stop after a week. People should remember that this is an continuous process. And the more consistent and disciplined you are, the more you will achieve the skin you want in no time.

This article was made in collaboration with Gale Potter from Aspire Dermatology. For more skin tips backed by dermatology experts, read their informative articles here. 

Aspire Dermatology is a highly professional provider of a full range of dermatology services from skin screenings and cosmetic procedures to Mohs surgery.

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