Latex-free bras

Cottonique Latex-Free Bras

For women who suffer from latex allergy, latex-free bras are heaven-sent and even life-savers for some. Cottonique Bras go through a purified organic cotton process and are completely latex-free. Here are some of the best ones that you can find on the website:



Drawstring Bra

With no metal hooks or coarse elastic that causes stretch marks, this single jersey bra is one of Cottonique’s finest. The adjustable cotton drawstring below the bustline and the rib fabric at the back provide flexibility while ensuring the utmost support and comfort.


Side-tie Bra

Similar to the Drawstring Bra, the Side-Tie Bra is also a single jersey bra with no metal hooks or coarse elastic. It features an overlap design with side-ties as well as an adjustable slider that you can tighten or loosen for maximum comfort and support.


Bra Liner

The Bra Liner is a great way to keep every woman’s perfect fitting bra without sacrificing comfort. Meant to wear under a regular bra, this breathable liner absorbs and prevents sweat residues. The wide soft seam shoulder straps protects the skin from possible allergens, while the nickel-free snaps secure straps from direct contact with the skin. The crop-top design, on the other hand, makes sure that the liner doesn’t ride-up, flare, or bundle.


Front Closure Support Bra

Featuring a hypo-allergenic plastic closure that opens and closes at the front, this full-bodied bra is made with Cottonique’s special material at the shoulder straps and base band that prevents itching while giving great support.


Slimfit Bras

The Slimfit Bra comes in three designs: Slimfit Bra with Adjustable Band, Slimfit Drawstring Bra, and Slimfit Pullover Bra. Like the Drawstring Bra and Side-Tie Bra, the Slimfit Bra does away with metal hooks and elastics to prevent skin irritation and stretch marks. The Slimfit Drawstring is specifically designed for A and B cup sizes, while the Pullover and Adjustable Band are made especially for B cup sizes.


Women with latex allergies are not the only ones who can benefit from latex-free bras. Since Cottonique only uses natural and 100% chemical-free combed cotton, these bras are also ideal for women with sensitive skin, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and many more skin issues.