The Design

Latex & Spandex-free Design

Most cotton apparel brands contain latex or spandex elastic around the waistband and leg openings. This latex elastic, even when concealed, may cause serious irritation and severe allergic reactions to the body. Cottonique products do not contain any form of latex or spandex, and are produced in a manufacturing facility that is completely free from latex or spandex contamination.

More information about the fabric

Revolutionary Design

Right down to the last stitch. A key aspect in the Cottonique design process is comfort to the skin. To ensure this, every product right down to the last stitch undergoes an extensive development process.

In some instances, it appears that Cottonique garments are designed inside out, this is where the company took a step out of the box. While commercially available garments are designed for aesthetics, placing the soft clean seams on the outside and the rougher seams on the inside, Cottonique reverses the process by incorporating the softer seams on the inside of the garment thereby providing enhanced comfort to the skin without compromising on durability."


Non-Restrictive Structure

The common bra sold today have either an underwire or elastic that supports the breasts. It is a common mistake for women to wear these bras throughout the day. Before underwire bras and elastics were invented women went about their daily lives without the need for such support like bras, which is why underwire bras and the like can be uncomfortable for many women when it's worn too long. One of the advantages about the bras that Cottonique makes is its drawstring design. It makes the bra completely adjustable thereby relieving the wearer of any restriction. For more information see Buy a Post-Mastectomy Bra