What Should I Wear For An MRI?

It is a common guideline that any individual undergoing a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)  scan must remove all metallic personal belongings, such as watches and jewelry, upon entering the tube. But the medical community was taken aback by a seemingly trivial item in our clothing choices that, if left unnoticed, can make things a little complicated. 

In 2013, the American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) studied a patient who experienced a thermal burning sensation in her skin after taking an MRI procedure. The burns, however, were not likely caused by the machine itself. The culprit? Metallic microfibers.

Metallic microfibers are commonly used to avert shrinkage of clothes during washing and athletic activity. However, since they are usually made from silver, the MRI's magnetic field treats these microfibers like a magnet. The rapid reaction causes the fibers to heat up, thus the thermal burns. 

Since invisible metallic microfibers in garments can fail to be detected before entering the MRI environment, AJNR concluded that patients should change into site-supplied MRI-compatible outer clothing and wear nonmetallic cotton or other safe undergarments to avoid the hazard.

Also, the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists attested that 100% cotton clothing proves to be safe and preferred for MRI exams. So if you’re looking for metal-free clothing, these organically produced garments from Cottonique could spare you from an unpleasant trip to the hospital. 


Cottonique, the leading hypoallergenic clothing company in the United States, provides 100% organic cotton apparel choices that speak for themselves. For women who will enter the magnetic bore, refrain from wearing bras with metal brackets during MRI tests as the metal can throw off the magnetic field. 

Why not give Women's Drawstring Bra a try? Packed with features such as adjustable straps and front closure clasps for extra stretch, this hypoallergenic piece of easement provides more flexibility using rib fabric at the back.

Free your bosom from the shackles of unpleasant metal hooks or coarse elastic with this skin-friendly and environment-friendly single jersey bra. 

Women's Front Closure Support Bra also does the job. Built to be a breathable and supportive piece of clothing, this full-bodied completely organic cotton bra is ideal to help "queens" finish their everyday activities. 

Its hypoallergenic plastic front closure, hypoallergenic bra ring, and double-layered cotton lining ensure ample foundation for an easy wear experience. 

You can also pair the two Cottonique-polished bras with Women's Drawstring Boxer Short or Women's Drawstring Lounge Pants for a full range of movement and comfort in all the right places. The soft cotton non-elastic waist with adjustable drawstring makes these pieces the ultimate go-to bottoms.  

Men can also be safe during their next MRI scan with this plain yet versatile wardrobe choice. By wearing cotton t-shirts like Men's T-Shirt for an MRI exam, you can never go wrong if you keep it simple. Made with 100% organic cotton, its soft and breathable fabric makes it the perfect piece for wearing in any environment. 

To complement the casual organic cotton tee, you can wear Men's Drawstring Loose Boxer Shorts or Men's Drawstring Lounge Pants for a roomy relaxed fit. Its latex-free waistbands, secured with soft organic cotton drawstrings, promise a carefree experience that men deserve.

If you have made an MRI appointment, it is necessary to opt for clothing made from cotton fabric to keep yourself safe from any serious reaction of athleisure to the scanner. 

Visit Cottonique to score one for your size. When health is on the line, proper clothing awareness matters.