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5 Organic Cotton Clothes Everyone Should Own to Stay Allergy-Free This Spring

5 Organic Cotton Clothes People with Skin Allergies Should Wear this Spring

After braving the cold winter season, people with skin allergies and sensitive skin should gear up for yet another trigger that may disrupt their comfort: spring allergies. 

Along with the entry of warmer days, the arrival of spring also marks the return of certain allergy triggers and their annoying symptoms. According to, the budding trees and pollens floating on the breeze may trigger not just runny noses and itchy eyes, but also irritation to the face, throat, ears, and skin.

"Even if there aren’t any trees, fields, or grass nearby, pollen can still find you and wreak havoc on your sinuses and skin," the article reported, saying that pollen can travel for many miles affecting 20 million American adults and 6 million children.


woman scratching her arm after pollen irritated her skin

The Pacific Dermatology Specialists (PDS) said that allergens like pollen can come in contact with the skin, causing itchy rashes and red patches that are often "often raised or swollen with clearly-defined edges."

"In more severe cases, allergens can cause atopic dermatitis. This condition appears as scaly, bumpy, and dry patches on the skin. Some people may also notice oozing, blistering, and cracking," said the PDS

"If you have an existing skin condition, allergy season may cause a flare-up. This can occur in people with eczema," it added, highlighting that exposure to allergens can "trigger the body’s immune response and cause a flare-up." Here are some common allergens that can trigger allergic reactions that people should be aware of:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Food
  • Insect Stings
  • Animal Dander
  • Mold
  • Latex

While there are many ways to treat flare-ups and find relief from itchy skin, we, at Cottonique, believe that prevention is still better than cure. During allergy season, we think it's best to stay away from the triggers by covering up your skin.

If you will be spending time outdoors, always wear clothes that provide comfort and protection to your skin, like our allergy-free organic cotton clothes. Made with 100% organic cotton, our selection of hypoallergenic garments guarantee not just unbeatable comfort, but also itch-free coverage.


Block pollen, virus-carrying droplets, and other irritants from getting into your system using our 100% organic cotton masks. Made with layers of gentle fabric and dependable features, our hypoallergenic masks are the perfect choice for people with skin allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Our Hypoallergenic Face Mask with Adjustable Earloops provides the right comfort, quality fit, and filtered protection when you need it most. This mask, designed with two-ply all-natural cotton, keeps your face protected from dust, smoke, ash, and other airborne allergens.

With comfort, protection, and sustainability in mind, this mask, made from 100% organic cotton, covers the nose bridge, rests freely on your chin and cheeks, and supports a non-binding feel upon wearing. The added internal pocket also allows users to insert a filter as a layer of protection while keeping you safe from allergens and virus-carrying droplets. It's the most practical pick when you're going organic. 

Engineered to give you a fresh take on cloth face coverings, this face mask wins for style and functionality. Its adjustable aluminum nickel-free nose bridge contours to the wearer's face comfortably while its double dart full coverage pattern fits snugly and protects the face from hand-touching.

Your first line of defense against allergens and virus-carrying droplets just got an upgrade. This newly-improved mask, thriving with 100% natural cotton, now comes with a pocket for removable and adjustable aluminum nickel-free nose bridge for your total allergy-free comfort and protection.


When you have skin allergies and sensitive skin, pieces made with synthetic materials should be a no-no from your wardrobe. To help prevent flare-ups when wearing them, we urge you to invest only in scarves and shawls made with natural fibers like our hypoallergenic organic cotton fabric. 

Made with 100% organic cotton, our shawl not only keeps you warm when the weather gets cooler, but it also protects your neck and body from contact with allergens and other irritants. This makes our shawl the best companion for women with skin allergies and sensitivities to keep warm during the cold season.


While almost everyone agrees that scarves are comfortable, not all can guarantee an allergy and itch-free experience for people with sensitive skin. So we made a scarf that keeps you warm and comfortable while keeping you free from contact allergens.

Made with 100% organic cotton, our shawl not only keeps you warm when the weather gets cooler, it also protects your neck and body from contact from allergens and other irritants. This makes our shawl the best companion for women with skin allergies and sensitivities to keep warm during the cold season.


For those who will spend most of their days gallivanting outdoors, we recommend wearing long sleeves to protect yourself from serious allergic reactions to pollen.  


If you're looking for an allergy-free long sleeve that feels good and looks great without provoking allergic reactions, our slub henley neck long sleeve will be your new favorite! Made from 100% chemical-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric, this newest long-sleeved top guarantees excellent fit, warmth feeling, and irritation-free experience with every wear.

Made with 100% organic cotton fabric, this tee is warm yet lightweight and won’t trigger allergies — making it a great piece to be worn solo or layered with other clothing during the cooler months.


When you're working out in the yard, strolling at a park, or running errands, we suggest wearing long pants to add layers of protection against pollen, preventing them from coming in direct contact with your skin. 

You won’t want to come out of our drawstring lounge pants once you feel how comfortable and allergy-free they are. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric, together with an elastic-free 100% cotton braided drawstring, our lounge pants provide warmth, ease of movement, and chafe-free comfort perfect for men with allergies and sensitive skin.

This pair of hypoallergenic drawstring pants, made with 100% organic cotton from the fabric to the drawstrings, comfortably hug the waist. It also provides adequate space to hold small belongings, thanks to the newly-designed functional patch pockets.

TAKEAWAY: Despite the chances of triggering irritation and experiencing discomfort, people with skin allergies and sensitive skin should not be homebound by allergy symptoms during spring. 

It's common knowledge that the arrival of spring allergies can be tough on the nose and throat, but our skin can also take a toll. Despite the chances of triggering irritation and experiencing discomfort, people with skin allergies and sensitive skin should not be homebound by allergy symptoms during spring.

After spending the day outside, immediately change into a fresh set of clothes. Even if the shirt you once wore yesterday looks neat and clean, wearing them again might not be a good idea.

Make sure to put on a fresh set of clothes everyday to avoid wearing clothes teeming with pollen. This will help in preventing the transfer of harmful pollen from your clothes to your bed, allowing you to sleep comfortably. 

If you're looking for clothes that would make your spring free from allergies, visit our hypoallergenic collections here. You may also read our related article: Can Eczema Flare-Up During Spring? Yes, Here's How To Prevent It.

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