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Happy Undies Day! Upgrade Your Closet With Cotton Underwear

Happy Undies Day! Upgrade Your Closet With Cotton Underwear

Not a single day goes by that people don't think about wearing underwear. From the old loincloths to corsets, down to bikinis and boxer briefs, the idea of using undergarments significantly evolved throughout the years. Amid changing trends, its innovation seems inevitable. But have you ever thought of applying it to your own collection of unmentionables? 

Celebrated every August 5th, National Underwear Day recognizes the very purpose of undergarments. No matter how small they are and whatever you call them, every underwear provides a layer of insulation that offers both protection and comfort. 

But aside from putting them into the spotlight, the yearly observance also serves as a reminder to hunt for new ones. After all, in this aspect, old doesn’t always mean gold.

If you still put up with that ill-fitting bra copped from a 2-year-old shopping spree, then it's high time to overhaul your wardrobe. And with heatwaves baking the US this August, perhaps your sensitive areas could use some breathability and comfortability brought by cotton-made and allergy-free underwear.


With the scorching heat in the city, breast sweat becomes more prevalent than usual. However, the whole experience can be uncomfortable and irritating if synthetic materials, which do not allow breathing, were used. Our pick? 100% organic cotton bras made using naturally breathable fabric.

Cottonique's pick:

This spandex-free and latex-free piece offers a ton of support and secures your bust upfront, allowing you to easily take off and put on. 

A must-have in any girl's closet. This piece, a mix of comfort, support, and versatility, offers a wide range of breast sizes and shapes, letting you move freely without worrying about the straps falling off your shoulders. 

Summer may be the premiere period for activities, but it's also the annual season for crotch sweat. Though it's normal to perspire, you don’t always have to during the warm weather. Here are a few options to keep your private parts cool and dry.

Here's to the piece that has been gaining steam these days. Due to its high-cut leg holes, people are making this the newest trend. This pure cotton garment guarantees supreme comfort in every movement. 

Contoured to shape and tone the crotch area, bikini brief lets you move freely and confidently. Its low-rise feature and midi-cheek coverage make it a classic undie staple in your drawer, bringing cozy as the new sexy. 


Humid conditions come a bit nasty, but the situation in your groin area doesn't always have to be. We understand that hot climate shouldn't interfere with your day-to-day life, that's why Cottonique suggested these choices to keep your delicate package safe. 

Although briefs serve as the staple of men’s undergarments, some still prefer boxers, particularly loose-fitting ones that fend off the inconvenience brought by the warm weather. 

This loose boxer shorts give freedom of movement and great airflow to prevent excessive sweating. With an adjustable waistband and loose-fit leg opening, this pure cotton garment makes the comfiest bottom, perfect for days of chilling out. 

While boxers give more breathing room, briefs provide you much-needed support. 

This hipster brief brings a comfortable mood to those who wear. Sleek in design, this hypoallergenic garment sits lower on the body, giving you incredible fit using superfine 100% organic cotton fabric. 

Whatever kind of underwear you prefer, Cottonique recommends using 100% organic cotton garment that would serve as a secret power set under your outer clothing. 

To celebrate National Underwear Day in a truly feel-good fashion, treat yourself to these new pieces of underwear. Nothing yells confidence than a new set of undies giving you that long-sought comfort, proper fit, and support.

Look up the Cottonique site to score cotton-made garments perfect to wick moisture away, avoid allergic reactions, and soothe your skin. As what Cottonique believes, quality comfort starts with perfect fitting underwear.

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