The Rising Popularity and Trend behind Organic Clothes

The Rising Popularity and Trend behind Organic Clothes


Fashion has always been a tricky topic because trends do come and go. Some people are confident with their stylistic choices, making them fashion-forward while some are on the fence opting to go with their own personal style instead of constantly following trends. Fashion is really about creating your personal style with influences from the latest trends or from other people. But there are more important facets of clothing other than trends and style. Many spend a lot of time planning what to wear without paying attention to the components that make up their clothes.


Toxins which lurk in clothes

The current clothing industry uses about 8,000 synthetic chemicals. New clothing designs or styles may be better in terms of form and function but the chemicals that make up most of such clothes are dangerous to our health. Toxins found in clothing materials have never been an issue in the past especially when the majority of items are made from natural fibers or materials. However, due to the increasing demand for clothes as well as the latest innovations in clothing technology; fashion has drastically changed with the rise of synthetic fibers. People are actually putting their health at risk because of synthetic clothing.

Toxic chemicals found in numerous clothing items may cause health problems such as respiratory diseases, infertility, contact dermatitis or allergies and even cancer. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is of course at higher risk of getting in contact with toxins which come from clothes. A person who often wears synthetic clothing is more exposed to the danger of absorbing toxic chemicals. Toxins found in chemicals can also cause environmental problems, which is why it is very important to also focus on how clothes are manufactured and processed and not just on how they look on you.

The rising popularity of going organic

Going organic and making healthy and environment-friendly choices is not just one of the countless trends that are becoming popular. Organic clothing sales are consistently rising yearly since 2009 when it hit 35%. People are making these conscious choices, not just because it’s trendy but it has become more of a lifestyle.

What are the benefits of going organic?

Going organic when it comes to fashion choices is not only good for the body but also for your conscience. This means that you have actually helped lessen toxins present in the environment and reduce carbon footprint in the process.

Organic clothing is the best thing you can do for the skin, especially among babies who have extremely sensitive skin. Hence, it is best to invest in organic clothing for better skin health. The production of organic clothing also does not require a lot of chemicals, which means that consumers will not be prone to allergies or skin irritations. Opting for organic apparel will reduce respiratory problems and other related ailments as well.

Many proponents of organic farming are quite happy with how the market has received organic clothing items. By patronizing brands which sell organically produced clothes, consumers are actually helping farmers, not just financially but also health-wise.

Conventional farming makes use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals which can cause a number of health problems for farmers. Health issues are common among farmers in developing countries because of the constant exposure to chemicals and other related toxins. Organic farming ensures a healthy and productive life for farmers and also their families.

Environmental benefits

Conventional clothing makes use of pesticides and insecticides which are harmful to the environment. The exorbitant use of toxic conventional chemicals has led to environmental pollution. So it is best to opt for organic apparel since the process does not require the use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers and more. Organic farmers grow their materials through nature-friendly methods which can conserve biodiversity, improve the quality of their land and prevent any water contamination.

Organic is good inside and out

Organic apparel is about making the right choice, once which will create a positive impact on your life. Hence, it is best to make a conscious effort to make the world a better place by choosing the best products that are good for the body and for the world.

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