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Why Doctors Recommend 100% Cotton Underwear for Allergies

Why Doctors Recommend 100% Cotton Underwear for Allergies
Do you sometimes experience something weird going on down there? Like an itch that stays for quite some time? Before you go crazy worrying about what medical condition you may be suffering from, how about taking a closer look at your choice of underwear? Fashionable underwear and apparel may contain synthetic fibers that can cause irritation or allergies.

What are common causes of textile allergies?

  • Chemicals that are used in dyeing and processing leather
  • Dyes, N-methylol and Formaldehyde, anti-cling, anti-static, fire-retardant coatings, anti-shrink, moth-proof, waterproof finishes and mildew resistant properties found in clothing items
  • Dyes found on low-cost beaded costume jewelry
  • Friction from clothing; the common areas affected are inner thighs, underarms, waist and neck area as well as around the inner elbows
  • Glue products
  • Latex found in rubber gloves or additives
  • Metals such as some jewelry or nickel in buckles
  • Remains of detergent or dyes and perfume in clothes

Textile allergies should not be solely blamed to materials that make up an apparel. Other causes of allergies include perfume and fragrances from detergents, fabric conditioners or even from soap or body wash you use. Latex found in condom or rubber gloves can also lead to allergy symptoms which can be fatal. People who are extremely allergic to latex must always inform a medical personnel or have some form of identification which indicates that they are allergic to latex.

Can you be allergic to your underwear?

Allergic contact dermatitis is considered as one of the most typical symptoms of having an allergic reaction to clothing. The common symptoms include swelling or inflammation, redness or red patches, itchiness and even lesions. The skin can also become scaly when blisters break and the fluid leaks. The skin may also darken or become leathery and cracked because of itchiness and inflammation. Folliculitis and acne may occur because of oil contamination from clothes. Symptoms include rash, pimples and itching. When metallic dust particles are combined with sweat, red lesions or blistering may transpire.

What to do if you are allergic to your underwear?

If you suspect that underwear items are culprits which causes allergic reactions, then the best and most immediate solution is to see a doctor. This should be the first priority to ensure that you are on the right track. Proper diagnosis will pave the way for the best solution that will help you control or even prevent allergies from happening. Next comes selecting the appropriate underwear for your condition.

Choosing underwear when you suffer from allergies

Here are some things to look out for when choosing underwear:

  • Look for underwear items that do not contain latex. Take time to check the label since latex can be mostly found in the underwear waistband elastic. Check if the latex is concealed or if it can have direct contact to the skin.
  • Always know what fibers comprise the underwear. Some people are actually allergic, even to cotton, especially when it is not organic. So identify the fiber content of the item as well as thoroughly check the tag so you will know where the underwear was manufactured. Labels can usually be found inside the garment. It also contains information regarding garment care.
  • Go for organic! It is a known fact that pesticides and insecticides are present in most non-organic clothing. Residues of these toxic chemicals may still be present in garments even if you wash it before wearing. When you make a conscious decision to buy organic materials, then you are not just reducing the risk of acquiring dermatitis but you are also helping the environment.
  • Cotton is the best bet. Everyday garments or fabrics must be mostly made up of cotton since natural fibers will be gentle to the skin and especially to sensitive areas of the body. Stay away from synthetic materials like Lycra or nylon that traps heat and moisture which makes way as a breeding ground for yeast.
  • Avoid thongs when necessary. Thongs may be sexy in a way but wearing thongs often, especially when working out can cause bacteria to spread. It can also result to vaginal or urinary infections. If you really need to wear a thong, then make sure that it is made of organic cotton.

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