No more rashes on my waist thanks to Cottonique! 0

Latex allergy with eczematous rashes around the belt line. Had to find a cotton alternative. Almost impossible to find. Finally I discovered you! Bought some of your breifs. Now no longer any problems! Thank you!

-Pierre Lamont

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Cottonique helped me with my formaldehyde allergies 0

I have a severe formaldehyde allergy, which causes me to break out in hives. Any time I encountered humidity, rain, or sweat, the formaldehyde in my clothing would leach into my skin causing rashes on my torso, limbs, and feet. Anti-itch creams and medications didn't help. It was incredibly embarrassing and uncomfortable and made me avoid outside social gatherings as well as curtailed my enjoyment of the beautiful summer weather.

Ever since I found Cottonique products, life has been so much easier. I started off with Cottonique's white shirts and pants, and when they added underclothes and socks, I was over-joyed because I could wear an entire outfit of chemical-free clothing! The addition of black and gray clothing made a wonderful product just that much more versatile. Cottonique has given me my summers back.

-Debbie Smith

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Cottonique made me warmer during winter 0

After I had figured out that I had a latex/spandex allergy I searched and searched to find somewhere where I could buy all cotton products. I was referred to Allergy Canada from someone and was so happy that they sold Cottonique products. My first order was socks. I had not worn socks for 2 years.

Not so great when you live in Canada in the cold winters but it was better than the reactions I was having to the spandex in the socks. I then ordered bras, as I was reacting to the materials and elastics in regular bras. What a relief it was, to finally be comfortable and not have itching, burning and prickly skin! Thank you!

-Suzy Pleshette

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Fibers and dyes used to be a problem until I found Cottonique 0

I have allergies to certain fibers and dyes and sensitive skin. Cottonique products always work for me.

-Georgia De Luca

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Wishing Cottonique existed back in the 60s 0

I have an inherited Latex allergy plus extremely fragile skin, while also very sensitive to dyes, chemicals, latex-similar products and slightly rough fabrics/tags including lace and “stuffing”. I found Cottonique during a web research several years ago and have been extremely pleased with their well-fitting and comfortable bras. I have regularly recommended them to others. I wished Cottonique were around in the 1960’s, as that would have made me a really long time customer! Like my mother, I had been using a thick camisole up until that time which did not provide any support.

- Mary Parker

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