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10 Allergy-Free Loungewear Pieces You'll Always Want To Live In

10 Allergy-Free Loungewear Pieces You'll Always Want To Live In

At last! After years of spending time indoors walking the thin line between relaxing and working from home, loungewear, also known as "home comforts," has finally become a mainstay in people's wardrobes. 

Apart from affecting the health of millions and bringing the world economy down to its knees, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only altered work arrangements, but also lifted the requirements for workwear and going-out clothes.

The countless lockdowns and health restrictions have made it possible for people to adapt to a home-based lifestyle centered on loungewear. And since the weather has started to cool, we thought now would be a good time to fill your wardrobe with clothes that make life a little bit cozier. 

Loungewear, in its simplest terms, is a category of casual, trendy, and highly comfortable clothes that anyone can wear almost anywhere. These dreamy wearables are initially designed to be worn at home, allowing people to relax and revel in ultimate comfort.

However, recent fashion changes have pushed loungewear to the top of the trends, further promoting the idea that comfort matters over style. According to fast-fashion brand Uniqlo, loungewear is a form of casual attire that "makes you feel highly comfortable while keeping an appropriate look."

While some have already returned to their pre-pandemic “normal” by bringing back the aesthetics and wearing stylish clothes, others have found contentment in the same wardrobe staples that "spark joy," always going for a simpler, pared-down look.

So, what type of loungewear can you choose to wear outdoors? Look no further than these 10 versatile organic cotton pieces that have proven themselves dependable for allergy-free comfort anytime, anywhere.

After all, Cottonique believes there should be enough space for lightweight basics that will make you look effortlessly cool on your next Zoom call and go along with you to run errands without triggering an itch.

1. Men's Long Sleeve Lightweight Jersey Hoodie

Lightweight jersey hoodie that keeps every man warm and cozy without causing an itch. 

2. Women's Long Sleeve Ribbed Tee

Hypoallergenic long-sleeved ribbed tee that has all the qualities you need to be the perfect solo or layering piece: soft, light, and comfortable. 

3. Men's Henley Long Sleeve Shirt

Organic cotton long-sleeved top that guarantees excellent fit, warmth feeling, and irritation-free experience with every wear.

4. Women's Full Slip

Smooth, cool, and itch-free full slips that give a flattering look free from flare-ups. 

5. Men's Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt

Superb fit, scratch-free sleeves, and cozy raw neck design that minimize irritation and discomfort to the barest minimum.

6. Women's Round Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt

Light, delicate to the skin, and comfortable organic cotton shirt that becomes a staple in women's closet.

7. Men's Drawstring Lounge Pants

Organic cotton lounge pants that provide warmth, ease of movement, and chafe-free comfort for men with allergies and sensitive skin.

8. Women's Drawstring Pants with Patch Pockets

Allergy-free organic cotton pants that hug the waist, provide adequate space, and guarantee comfort with every wear.

9. Men's Drawstring Lounge Shorts

Soft and loose-fit organic cotton lounge shorts that keep men cool, comfortable, and allergy-free all day. 

10. Women's Drawstring Lounge Shorts

Hypoallergenic organic cotton bottom that brings ultimate comfort and itch-free convenience against irritation.

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