Allergy-Free Bras

A lot of problems associated with bras can be fixed by simply getting fitted for the right size. When it comes to rashes, itching, and other symptoms of skin allergies, however, it’s more a matter of material. Cottonique’s 100% cotton bras are exactly what the doctor ordered, especially if you’re among the many women who are allergic to various bras.

Wait, I Can Be Allergic to My Bra?

It’s not exactly the bra you might be allergic to, but what’s in it: latex. The latex found in the elastic bands and straps of conventional bras contain allergens that irritate sensitive skin, resulting in a slew of possible reactions that range from annoying to downright distressing.

Common symptoms of a latex allergy include itching, swelling, and drying of skin. Dry skin can start to flake off and red rashes can develop. Allergies can get so bad that you could develop a serious case of eczema, which might cause your skin to crack or bleed. There’s also a chance that the allergy could lead to a case of psoriasis, which can sometimes result in pustules that break out on your skin.

That Sounds Horrible! How Do I Prevent Allergies?

You can avoid allergic reactions by keeping your skin free from irritants. That might be a little tough to pull off when you’re allergic to your underwear, but Cottonique’s got you covered where it counts. Our 100% organic cotton bras contain zero latex, zero rubber, and zero harmful chemicals, making each bra a welcome hypoallergenic piece of heaven.

Cottonique bras go the extra mile in being allergy-free, making sure no textile dyes and resins become part of the manufacturing process. There’s no metal to irritate your skin, either – just hypoallergenic plastic clasps and sliders for designs that use them. Even the tags used on Cottonique’s bras are allergy-free. Nothing synthetic is in the fabric; the only thing that touches your skin is pure organic cotton.

What About Support?

The most important feature of any bra is support, and Cottonique offers a wide variety of designs to help you get the right kind. Our pullover and front closure bras use a special rubber-free elastic for maximum support without irritating your skin. 

The drawstring and other adjustable designs, on the other hand, provide an adequate amount of lift and support without the need for any sort of elastic.

Each latex-free bra is manufactured with durability and comfort in mind, giving you a soft, breathable bra you can wear for ages. The fit and fabric work together to give you the support you require, without using spandex or other rubber-based elastics. Cottonique bras can be used for everyday activities as well as high-intensity workouts, all without losing their shape and form.

Cottonique bras are a breath of fresh air for anyone suffering from skin allergies. If you’re tired of feeling itchy in your bra area after a long day, switching to our 100% organic cotton bras will give you the peace of mind you deserve.