Latex-free Underwear

Many cotton underwear brands contain latex (rubber) elastic around the waistband and leg openings. This latex elastic, even though concealed can cause serious irritation and severe allergic reactions on the body.

Cottonique products do not contain any form of latex. In addition, they are produced in a manufacturing facility that is completely free of latex contamination.

Cottonique offers 2 separate ranges with a wide variety of products available for men, women, and children

The Cottonique Classic range offers elasticized underwear, brassieres and long knit pants. These products are made with a newly developed latex-free elastic of one third the thickness, with a much higher endurance and with the same elasticity and stretch of standard rubber.

The Cottonique Nothing But Cotton range include drawstring boxer briefs, drawstring bras, t-shirts, and long knit pants. These spandex free, just cotton garments utilize a unique “drawstring” design that work without the use of any elastics.