We Use Latex-Free Rubber For You to Have That Itch-Free Day

When people with latex allergy come into direct contact with latex, allergic reactions, either abrupt or delayed, usually ensue. 

Exposure to this type of harmful material brings several troublesome symptoms to those who are hypersensitive to latex. In fact, a simple balloon, a pair of gloves, or even a condom could all put them in an irritating condition, or worse, life-threatening situations. And this is the danger that we deliberately work hard to avoid.

Since its formation more than 10 years ago, Cottonique already recognized the perils of incorporating latex materials into its products, particularly underwear. Although elastics used in waistbands and leg openings assure a snug fit down there, the materials used also leads to irritations and trigger allergic reactions without you knowing it.  

In Cottonique, we believe that the best way to avoid the disturbing allergic reactions is to make use of latex-free elastic. That's mainly the reason why we stay ahead of the pack with our latex-free white rubber tape. You may download our Latex-Free Rubber Certification for more details. 

This latex-free elastic, made with one-third the thickness of a standard rubber, achieves that stretchable feel and ensures an itch-free experience. It presents a much higher endurance and quality elasticity without any of the harmful stuff. 

From farms to production facilities, Cottonique guarantees to develop hypoallergenic products with function and fit, entirely free from allergens and other chemical compounds detrimental to people with sensitive skin. 

Because they tell it better than us, here's what our customers have to say: 

  1. Cottonique has been the antidote to all my misery. 

“My doctor tested me and discovered that I was allergic to latex. My waist and bottom have dark spots from outbreaks. So, when I found Cottonique, it was a blessing to me. I have been outbreak free since my first purchase and I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks, Cottonique!” Sandy Snow

  1. Your products have allowed me to be able to dress comfortably. 

“I have always had a latex allergy even though I didn’t realize what it was until I was in my fifties. Cottonique products, including your bras, panties, and drawstring lounging pants have allowed me to be able to dress comfortably. I will continue to purchase your products, as I trust them to be organic and free of latex and harsh dyes.” Shirly

  1. I have been wearing the side tie bras from Cottonique for years now and love them!

“I have very sensitive skin. I am allergic to rubber and latex. Before, I used to get rashes from the rubberized elastic on ladies' panties. But for some years now, I wear the comfortable Cottonique boxer shorts underwear and have no worries over getting any rashes. They are very comfortable too. These garments wash well and retain their shape, I am very grateful to this company for manufacturing such a quality product!” Mimi

To find out more about latex allergy and how does it affect the skin, you may want to read here.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to wear any form of elastics, Cottonique also got you covered with its Nothing-But-Cotton collection. The all-cotton collection ranges from drawstring boxer briefs, drawstring bras, t-shirts, and long knit pants. These spandex-free, NBC garments utilize a unique drawstring design that works without the use of any elastics. 

Head over to this article and see for yourself the merits of using Nothing-But-Cotton items: a stronger, softer, and a more comfortable clothing choice that would allow you to wear your favorite colors in the most eco-friendly way.