Mother Earth is in peril because of global warming, and pollution.  We, the people are the culprits to this evil. The things we use in our daily lives affect us all.

As most clothing manufacturers use chemicals, bleaches, artificial dyes and formaldehyde to develop their apparel.  These chemical forms harm not just our skin, but also our environment. The production of their products emit greenhouse gases that are quickly destroying our ozone layer.  People need to realize the potential dangers of chemical-free clothing, both to our health and the environment.  We can make a difference…

We at Cottonique do not use harmful chemicals in any aspect of the development of our clothing. Our materials are made out of pure natural cotton, processed and made free from formaldehyde, bleaches and other pollutants. We guarantee a 100% cotton chemical free apparel collection for our consumers.

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January 20, 2010 — Admin Cottonique

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