Sock Allergies


People suffering from foot allergies may want to live in another person’s shoes, but it’s really their socks they should be looking at. All the itching, swelling, dryness and pain associated with foot allergies could be a reaction to the synthetic material used in most socks. The chemical treatments these garments undergo can result in the fabric becoming harmful to sensitive skin. Making the switch to 100% cotton socks, like those by Cottonique, can fix that problem.

Why Do My Feet Suffer from Bad Allergies?

The biggest culprit in causing foot allergies is the elastic used in conventional socks. Spandex and latex contain proteins that your immune system might overreact to, resulting in itchy red splotches and other symptoms. The different chemical processes synthetic materials go through often leave trace materials that have the same effect on your skin. The three most common symptoms of feet allergies are:

  1. Contact Dermatitis - The skin on your feet swells and starts to feel irritated. A red rash might develop from time to time as well.
  2. Your skin gets reddish and starts to flake. At times, the affected area can get crusty or blistered. In extreme cases, the skin gets so tender that it cracks, resulting in bleeding.
  3. The skin on the foot gets inflamed, and scale-like flakes called plaques tend to form. Prolonged exposure to the irritant might cause the psoriasis to spread to other parts of the body. In some cases, pus can accumulate underneath the affected skin, causing blisters to form.

How Cottonique Socks can Help You Beat Foot Allergies

The exact cause of skin allergies hasn’t been identified by research yet; most experts agree that skin sensitivity might just be genetic. Since you can’t change your genes, the best thing you can do is change your socks – keeping irritants away from your feet is the most effective way of stopping allergies.

Cottonique’s 100% organic cotton socks are both latex-free and chemical-free, ensuring that nothing touches your skin other than pure, comfy cotton. These all-natural socks are also remarkably breathable, preventing the development of other irritants like fungi and mold from forming. You can use these socks for eczema, psoriasis, chemical sensitivity, and other forms of allergy without any fuss.

Even without the use of synthetic materials, Cottonique’s tube socks are just as resilient to wear and tear as conventional ones, thanks to the expert circular knitting methods used to produce them. Each pair is made to contour to the foot without forming any bulges, and without bunching up uncomfortably.

To get the most relief out of your Cottonique socks, we suggest washing them with a hypoallergenic detergent after every use. This helps keep your allergy-free socks clear of the bacteria responsible for funky smells and other problems, like athlete’s foot.

Cottonique socks are designed for comfort in every way, from the soft, cool organic fabric to the perfectly-structured fit. It’s time to say goodbye to foot allergies, naturally!