Beware of Bra Scratching and Its Effects

Bra scratching and discomfort can be caused by multiple factors and have different effects on your skin. Sometimes, it can be fixed by switching your bra to something that has a better fit. Other times though, it could be because of the material in your bra.

Causes of Skin Irritations When Wearing a Bra

Did you know that 90 percent of the weight of your breasts falls onto the band of a bra? This leads to the red mark around the band which you might be experiencing when your bra is too tight or the material causes itch like latex.

The shape of the underwire in non-organic bras can cut off the blood flow to your lymph nodes and increase toxin buildup in your body which in effect, can lead to skin irritation and a high chance of skin infections as well as other horrible indirect effects such as breast cancer.

Skin irritations occur due to the fact that there are many microbes that live on one’s body, blocked by one’s skin. While the skin protects us from bacteria and fungi, chafing and irritation can cause it to weaken, which may lead to infection. The chance of infection is further increased by the fact that the underneath of one’s breasts are hot and moist, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and/or fungus.

The band of a latex bra and its underwire is also the perfect environment for bacteria to live, so if you are not careful you could have recurrent infections if not taken care of properly. Your favorite bra most likely gets worn way more than your favorite shirt or jeans, which is more reason to prioritize comfort over style.

Choosing Comfortable, Latex-Free, and Itch-Free Bras

There is a lot to consider when choosing bras - what brand, material, type, cup & band size, and colour you are wearing. Bras should always serve its purpose, which is to support your breasts and keep them in place. And since you’re wearing them the entire day, the last thing you want it to be is to wear uncomfortable and itchy bras like latex bras. 

If your bra leaves you feeling uneasy, itchy, or uncomfortable, then this is a warning sign that your skin is too sensitive for the bra. Bras that have latex and other synthetic fabric could cause this. If you’re feeling these effects, we recommend switching to hypoallergenic and latex-free bras. Aside from the allergy-free materials used, these bras also don’t have metal hooks nor coarse elastic that could cause skin irritations.

Cottonique manufactures latex-free and hypoallergenic bras that will leave your skin free of itchiness all day long. If you’re looking for an alternative to your itchy bra, you’ve come to the right place. See our collection here!
January 28, 2020 — Admin Cottonique

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