Testimonials — service


My lifesaver! 1

Your clothes and service have been wonderful over the years. You made what I thought was contact dermatitis bearable. Cottonique was the only brand that I could wear that would not cause a reaction. However, it turns out that I do not have Contact Dermatitis, but have developed food intolerances that made my skin incredibly sensitive. Now that I have eliminated gluten, milk, nuts and shellfish from my diet, I can now wear elastic, polyester and any other fabric.

I wanted to thank you for your products and service which made it possible for me to get through one of the most difficult periods of my life. Cottonique was a lifesaver for me!


What I think about you 2

I think your service and products are fabulous. I especially love Sam. She is a really great person to work with. She is professional, efficient and super nice. I love my bras and when these wear out I'll buy more from you! Thanks!