Good Yoga Poses for People with Allergies

Yoga is an effective way to fight and prevent allergies. It calms the body and brings inner peace that leads to relaxation and comfort. Whenever you feel stressed and exhausted, a daily dose of yoga routine can boost your immune system and can make you feel recharged.

Types of Yoga

There are two main types of yoga; hot and cold. Hot yoga is done in a room with a 32 celsius temperature and up and a humidity level of 40 percent. It can help you burn calories and release toxins in the body that enables you to be more flexible.

Another one is cold yoga. From the word itself “cold,” it should be performed in a cold environment or air-conditioned rooms. Unlike hot yoga, it can prevent dehydration and promote elasticity of skin. It can also relax the nervous system without compromising health against extreme heat conditions.

Hot or cold yoga can benefit one’s health but it is best to consult first to a doctor before performing any yoga practices. Discuss your allergy history to a medical practitioner to avoid any issues.

Good Yoga Poses

When you start searching for a good yoga pose on the internet, you will learn that there are several articles related to yoga and videos that show how to perform it accurately even when you are at home.

There are specific yoga poses that can help you deal with your allergies. Performing a “shoulder stand” can improve the nasal passage for easy breathing, but don’t hold for more than 1 minute to avoid too much pressure. Another is “three part” that can increase lung capacity for a stronger immunity and a protection against colds and certain allergies. Lastly, “backbend” is a good yoga pose to prevent a slouch posture.

Yoga can prevent and improve severe allergies but it is never a cure. The best and the most effective way is to always consult to a doctor and take medication pills. You should also avoid the allergens that depends on what type of allergy you have.

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June 20, 2019 — Admin Cottonique

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