Some Facts About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Some Facts About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Multiple chemical sensitivity is a medical condition characterized by a heightened sensitivity to chemicals. People who have MCS become ill when they are exposed to various chemicals, which are commonly encountered in everyday life.

Substances that frequently cause symptoms in chemically-sensitive people include pesticides, perfume, fresh pain, new carpets, building materials, ink, solvents, and fumes, among others. Symptoms occur after inhaling, touching, or ingesting these or other substances, and reactions to scented products can occur even in people who cannot smell them. 

MCS is a real condition

Too many people, especially medical professionals, think that MCS is a mental illness or that people with MCS are faking being sick. Many people do not realize that some people can have bizaare reactions to chemicals and that it can be an ongoing problem for these people to be out in the world. 

MCS is life-altering

Contrary to what people believe, MCS is not allergies. MCS is a whole body reaction to the chemicals one is being exposed to, and that his or her body cannot process and dispose of them like most people can. People die from this condition, from the buildup of harmful chemicals in their bodies. If affects some people psychologically, altering their normal way of living.

There is hope for people with MCS

Knowing about this condition can change the lives of people living with it. There are products out there in the market that cater to people with MCS, allergies, and other skin sensitivities. There are also support groups that provide tips on how to navigate the day-to-day difficulties of life. Going organic can also help. Organic products do not have chemicals in them, which make them very suitable for people with MCS. It will help not only those with MCS, but also the environment.

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