How Fabric Masks can Serve as a Protective Layer Against COVID-19

How Fabric Masks can Serve as a Protective Layer Against COVID-19

While sheltering in, social distancing, and washing your hands continue to be the most effective way to avoid infection from COVID-19, wearing cloth face masks can add another layer of protection, experts from the CDC say. What’s surprising, however, is how they can actually help.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced that wearing cloth masks isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be infected by the novel coronavirus, but it can help slow down the spread in several ways.

Many people who have the virus are asymptomatic, meaning they don’t show any symptoms of the sickness. They don’t cough, have fevers, or even show any signs of fatigue. They don’t even so much as  sneeze, sometimes.

But droplets containing the coronavirus can still exit their bodies. When you speak, microdroplets from your mouth might carry it into the air. The droplets can land on people or surfaces, which can then transfer the virus into someone else’s system through their mouths, nose, or eyes.

Imagine just saying, “Stay healthy!” to someone, and then accidentally giving them COVID-19!

That’s why the best way to avoid the coronavirus to the stay at least 6 feet away from people as much as possible.

But as we all know, social distancing isn’t always possible. That’s where wearing masks for COVID-19 comes in.

When you’re out in public spaces, in line at the supermarket, or even just heading to the food bank, you’re bound to come within less than 6 feet of a person. When that happens, a reusable cloth face mask can actually reduce the chances of larger droplets getting away from you.

Remember—you could be asymptomatic! It’s your responsibility to make sure that you do everything you can to prevent other people from getting the virus. And if everybody else shares this attitude, then we all do our part in protecting each other. You’ll have a slightly smaller chance of getting infected because the person next to you is doing their part.

There’s another big reason why using fabric masks might help slow down the spread of COVID-19. By using these washable masks instead of surgical masks or N-95 filters with limited use, you’re helping frontline health workers get more access to the medical equipment.

It’s our doctors and nurses who are getting in close contact with COVID-19 patients every day that need the surgical masks and N-95 filters. They’re the ones who need the heavy-duty protection, because they’re the ones at greater risk.

If we can help make sure that our frontline health workers get the very best protection they can get, we can contain the spread of the coronavirus.

We can all do our part by wearing cloth face masks in public. And since the virus isn’t going away anytime soon, we need to make sure that the new everyday items we wear stay comfortable.

We at Cottonique are happy to let you know that we’ve restocked our hypoallergenic face masks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Made from 100% organic cotton, the spandex-free and latex-free masks are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

They also use adjustable cotton ear loops instead of garters to secure themselves on your face. The elastic-free masks also come with an irritation-free label to make sure your skin stays okay.

Best of all, our allergy-free masks can be used over and over again. Just make sure you wash them properly if you want to keep using them as an additional protective layer.

When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus, every little bit of protection helps. But don’t let our masks make you forget to use the best practices for preventing the spread of coronavirus, either! Again, use the fabric masks along with social distancing, handwashing, and sheltering in.

If we all work together, we can #FlattenTheCurve and help slow the spread of COVID-19.

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