Women's Slimfit Drawstring Bra

$29.75 USD

Cool, comfy and classy in one

Find comfort on-the-go with our Women’s Slimfit Drawstring Bra! This hypoallergenic bra, made with 100% organic cotton, features a drawstring that allows women to adjust the band, giving them the best possible fit. From the very fabric down to the straps, all materials are completely free from allergens, latex, and spandex. Give yourself exactly the comfort and support you need with this drawstring brassiere. 

  • Stylish V-neck neckline
  • Hypoallergenic adjustable slider tightening/loosening mechanism
  • Soft flat seam stitching to minimize skin irritation
  • Covered seam prevents rubbing and agitation
  • Double-layered cotton lining
  • Underwire-free and designed to be non-restrictive to movement
  • Irritation-free label for sensitive skin 
  • Without latex and spandex
  • Free from chemicals and synthetics

      Drawstring Underwear
      Post-mastectomy Bra
      Breathe Easy With Cottonique’s Allergy-free Bras

      Product Fit
      • Slimfit
      • Best for A Cups
      • Model is 5'7" with a 34.5-inch bust and wears size 5 or 34A.


      Bra Note:

      Please be informed that our bras are 100% hypoallergenic, which means we do not include any spandex in our fabric. Some of our customers may find that the bras do not fit well all because they do not have extra stretch. The adjustment straps and front closure clasps are there to ensure that these bras will fit them nicely.

      Product Care

      While we have used less harsh dyes for our Cottonique Color Collection, these products are intended specifically for individuals with sensitivities to Latex, Spandex and Formaldehyde.

      For Colored items, we use premium quality core spun thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a natural cotton cover. It is a cotton wrapped polyester core thread.


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Rachael C

        Easy to adjust the size by the draw string and feeling comfortable with the soft pure cotton fabric. Will definitely buy it again

        Geraldine Andrews
        Only one drawback

        I am so happy to have an all-cotton bra that truly is all cotton. My only wish is that it could be made with the plastic adjustment piece in the front, not the back. It was so irritating to my psoriasis that I removed the straps and turned them around so the adjustment piece is in the front.

        Jennifer Borus
        well-fit bra, ir you are flexible!

        This bra is great once its on. It stays in place, under my shoulder blades and provides good support. I have flexible shoulders, so I can slide into the bra. BUT if anyone less than flexible tried to shimmy into it, they would probably have a difficult time.

        Not a good fit

        I used the same sizing as the bras I have been purchasing for the past 3 years and this one came too small. It seemed like it would be better for someone much smaller than me. I donated it to a clothing shelf.