Custom sized bra 2

One problem when ordering clothes and apparel online is the product’s size. Sometimes, the sizing standards vary to the producer. It is practically impossible to find that one bra that fits you perfect.

We at Cottonique addressed this concern, you can order a custom sized bra from Cottonique when you order online at! It’s hassle free, and there is no need to worry about your bra fitting too loosely or too tight. Get them at your comfort.

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Why is Cottonique best for sensitivities? 2

“Dear Cottonique,

I simple wrote to express my appreciation. I used to hesitate using your products because it is not the usual brand of apparel I used to buy in for my family. My husband was itching, as has been his problem through the last few months. We consulted a dermatologist here in Sacramento and she said it was due to latex allergies.

A friend told me about your company and I decided to let him try it.  I was surprised with the result! My husband is no longer experiencing redness or iching. Obviously, it was his undergarments that were causing him the irritation and once we switched to Cottonique, his problem was solved.

For that, I would like to thank you for providing this healthy option. Keep it up!

- Sally”

  • Mikee Mercader

Cottonique is Environmentally Friendly 0

Say goodbye to diaper rash 2

The number one priority for every mother is making sure their baby is kept safe. Diaper rash is one of the leading issues most mothers are faced with and left question why this occurs. Diaper rash commonly occurs when sweat builds up due to lack of absorption within the diaper. Other common causes are the chemicals and synthetic materials used in most common diaper brands on the market.

Disposable diapers are very expensive compare to cloth diapers. What’s really bad is disposable diapers are filling up our landfills. Cloth diapers can be washed and later used for several more children or as rags for household needs. With disposable diapers Consumers Reports state that disposable diapers for one child will cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000 by the time one child leaves diapers behind. Cloth diapers are definitely better for the environment and makes better sense financially.

Some say that cloth diapering is making a comeback. The wash, dry and wear is coming back as a means of getting rid of many chemical and fragrances in some disposable diapers. What’s great about cotton cloth diapers is that they are soft against your baby’s skin, they pull the moisture away from the baby’s skin, and they let your baby’s bottom breathe more. Financially you are better off with cloth diapers and would be doing the environment a great justice.
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Buy reusable organic diaper liner from our store 0

Cottonique has designed a chemical-free organic 100% natural cotton diaper liner

to be placed between the diaper and baby. The diaper features 3 layer cotton pads that are highly absorbent ensuring Cottonique babies stay dry, happy and chemical-free.

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Conditions Triggered by Careers 1

Perfect fit with none of the irritation 0

Every woman has that one bra in their closet that fits just perfect! Cottonique now welcomes the perfect replacement to your perfect bra. now offers customized fitting bra’s so you can be assured what you buy will bring unmatched comfort, contour and fit to your life. If you aren’t satisfied with the fit of our customized bra, we guarantee a replacement with recommended modifications, this is just one of the many ways Cottonique wants to better serve it’s customers. you can now place orders for our custom sized bra.

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If you vote for it, we will make it. 0

At Cottonique there is a great pride in our flexibility to give our customers exactly what they are looking for. We are happy to announce Product Labs, a section on our website which allows our customers to rate styles they would like to see as part of our collection. If ratings are at a substantial level you can be assured Cottonique will fulfill the need. To submit your votes click Product labs

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Truly Natural, Truly Organic 0

Cottonique is now proud to announce that we are carrying the Control Union seal as part of our organic cotton certification. Control Union was formerly known as SKAL and is quickly becoming the universal standard for organic clothing. For more information on Control Union and their certification you may visit their website at the following link: Control Union If you wish to view our certification click here.

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Cottonique is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company of San Francisco 3

Cottonique continues to be a superior source for latex-free, spandex-free, chemical-free clothing for men women and children. Our accreditation speaks to the fact that we are a solid and dependable business.


We are thankful for all of our success and look forward to serving the our consumers with innovative solution in the future.

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We got Socks and they are latex-free and spandex-free! 11

We are please to tell you we have listened and acted on your request and we are happy to announce our new latex-free socks. Cottonique socks are made from 100% organic cotton and have no latex, no spandex, no bleaches, no dyes, and no formaldehyde.
Click here if you wish to purchase Cottonique socks.
Feel free to send us a reply and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions so we can serve even more of your needs.

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New Boxer Briefs w/ Fly 0

At Cottonique we believe that even perfection can evolve. There is always room for improvement, because of this our research and development department is constantly innovating. We are pleased to introduce the new and improved boxer brief, more durable, comfortable and practical than ever before. With a revised pattern, rib material and a fly opening we believe this is as good as a boxer brief can get (at least for now). Please visit this following link to purchase this style or learn more about it.

Currently our drawstring style is available, eslaticized style to follow in the coming week.

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