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The dye on a finished garment, by it’s nature, is chemically stable – that’s what makes a dye color fast. However, research is emerging that examines the short and long term effects of potential skin absorption of dye and finishing chemicals through clothing. The CNN report October 2007 which Shana wrote about on Green Cotton, revealed that new testing procedures (chemical burden testing) reveal that young babies and children actually do have increased levels of chemicals in their bloodstream and skin. Because clothing comes into prolonged contact with one’s skin, toxic chemicals are often absorbed into the skin, especially when one’s body is warm and skin pores have opened to allow perspiration. We also know that some individuals have what is known as chemical sensitivity, including when exposed to garments of many types. Symptoms in adults for chemical sensitivity range from skin rashes, headaches, trouble concentrating, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing, irregular heart beat, and/or seizures. Symptoms in children include red cheeks and ears, dark circles under the eyes, hyperactivity, and behavior or learning problems. See for more information.

Dyes are complex chemicals, and as anyone who’s washed a red shirt with a white shirt knows, they don’t stay put forever.

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Reactions connected with Latex-allergies 3

Risks for developing a latex allergy include working in the healthcare industry and/or requiring multiple surgical procedures. Reactions to latex containing products present in various forms:

Contact Dermatitis: A contact allergy causes a significant red, itchy rash only at the site of contact. This is not life-threatening but can be very bothersome. More than 30% of healthcare workers report this type of reaction. These individuals are at increased risk for developing more severe reactions to latex with ongoing exposure.

Contact Urticaria (Hives):A “local” allergy that causes hives and itching at the site of contact. This type of reaction places the individual at increased risk for developing a life-threatening reaction to latex.

Anaphylaxis: This is a full body reaction to latex allergens and can include itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, chest tightness, wheezing, hives, swelling, drop in blood pressure and shock. This is a potentially life-threatening response to latex allergens. Latex needs to be strictly avoided and the patient should wear a MedicAlert bracelet.

Evaluation for latex allergy includes a thorough history, skin testing, and potentially blood testing. Frequently the diagnosis is based on history alone as there is no standardized testing material. Controlled exposure can also aid in diagnosis. It is important to have this potentially life-threatening allergy evaluated.

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Organic Baby Clothes 2

By Adam, March 28, 2010 2:51 am

How much safer are organic baby clothes? Some of the pesticides used to treat textile fibers can cause cancer, but the risk seems to be negligible. Some of the chemicals used to treat cotton fibers are petroleum-based and therefore they are very hard to wash away. Moreover, another great problem with conventional baby clothes are dyes that can cause skin allergies and irritations. Organic baby clothes seem to be the solution by their toxin-free content. Any environment-conscious parent should think about purchasing ecological products for the babies, toddlers and children.

There are people who claim that the benefits of organic baby clothes are not exactly direct, since there are very few chances of skin reactions to the fertilizers and pesticides used to treat the plants that give the fibers. The toxic residues are mainly eliminate during the processing of the fibers. Only extremely sensitive skin will have reactions to the minor residues in the fabric. The reduced stress on the environment therefore becomes the main benefit of organic baby clothes.

Price is usually a problem that prevents many people from buying organic baby clothes. Sometimes the costs of such apparel items are with 50% higher than conventional clothes, and few people are willing to invest in clothing items that will only be worn for a month or two. Plus, the need to constantly renew the little one’s wardrobe will further become an issue of affordability.

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Latex-Free Socks 4

Two satisfied customers posted testimonials about their Latex-Free Cottonique Socks experience:

By Amy on 12/24/2009

“The only socks that I have been able to wear.”

”Allergic to Latex Spandex Elastic so every sock Ive tried gave me a rash. these socks are truly allergy free! But I am gona warn ya there not what I wouod concider sexy looking, but neither is an allergic reaction. money well spent.”



 By James on 12/23/2009

“I can wear socks. Either way. These are worth it. Other latex free socks have a little spandex in them. These are nice cuz they don’t have any elastic in them. Great job cottonique.”

To buy Latex-free socks online, visit! You comments and testimonials are always welcome. Feel free to surf our website.

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Top 20 Weird Allergies 14

Here is another reason why you must choose Cottonique.

In a research made by skin allergy experts, doctors named Top 20 Weird Allergies. And yes, underwear made it to 9th place.  Check out who leads the fight against skin diseases and latex allergies! Thank you HEART HEALTH for featuring Cottonique to your blog.

“9. Underwear

As with the shoe allergy, men and women who find themselves grappling against rashes and lesions because of their underwear point fingers towards the fabric used in assembling the garment. Latex and rubber in the waistbands, chemicals used in creating synthetic fabrics such as nylon and lycra, and resins for treating can all cause skin irritations in affected individuals. The easiest solution fortunately exists as the best. After confirming an allergy with a professional skin test, simply seek out undergarments made of materials without the offending constructs. Should a search at local stores ultimately prove fruitless, online retailers such as Cottonique specialize in hypoallergenic clothing.”

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Cotton versus synthetic 1

There are numerous benefits of using cotton over synthetic material when it comes to clothing, however, probably the most beneficial of reasons is that Cotton is not a reactive material. Cotton is a material that protects the skin from chemicals, harmfull materials, sweat, and climate conditions.

Cotton is also considered the best choice for people suffering from asthma because it naturally helps remove and absorb body moisture, improving air circulation in the skin and keeping the body at it’s normal temperature.

Environmentally, cotton is nature friendly. When developed without the use of chemicals and pesticides Cottonique harvesting is practically harmless to the enviroment.

These are just some of the reasons Cottonique prides itself in developing 100% organic cotton chemical free clothing.

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Latex Allergy 2

Latex can be found anywhere at home, hospitals, schools, and in the office. Toys, sanitary gloves, clothes, they all have latex and too much exposure to latex can lead to the development of an allergic reaction. Many people in the world are suffering from latex allergy, but, they are now aware of it. This skin illness can be serious if not treated right. Here are some tips to prevent latex allergy reactions:

1. Know which items are made from latex, and replace them with non-latex items.

2. Even breathing in the particles of powdered latex gloves can be harmful.

3. In the hospitals, ask if they have non-latex gloves, because most doctors and nurses use latex-based gloves.

4. Always carry a medical alert bracelet, necklace, or key chain that notes your allergy.

5. Epinephrine injection with you will be good, but ask your physician first.

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Custom sized bra 2

One problem when ordering clothes and apparel online is the product’s size. Sometimes, the sizing standards vary to the producer. It is practically impossible to find that one bra that fits you perfect.

We at Cottonique addressed this concern, you can order a custom sized bra from Cottonique when you order online at! It’s hassle free, and there is no need to worry about your bra fitting too loosely or too tight. Get them at your comfort.

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Why is Cottonique best for sensitivities? 2

“Dear Cottonique,

I simple wrote to express my appreciation. I used to hesitate using your products because it is not the usual brand of apparel I used to buy in for my family. My husband was itching, as has been his problem through the last few months. We consulted a dermatologist here in Sacramento and she said it was due to latex allergies.

A friend told me about your company and I decided to let him try it.  I was surprised with the result! My husband is no longer experiencing redness or iching. Obviously, it was his undergarments that were causing him the irritation and once we switched to Cottonique, his problem was solved.

For that, I would like to thank you for providing this healthy option. Keep it up!

- Sally”

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Cottonique is Environmentally Friendly 0

Say goodbye to diaper rash 2

The number one priority for every mother is making sure their baby is kept safe. Diaper rash is one of the leading issues most mothers are faced with and left question why this occurs. Diaper rash commonly occurs when sweat builds up due to lack of absorption within the diaper. Other common causes are the chemicals and synthetic materials used in most common diaper brands on the market.

Disposable diapers are very expensive compare to cloth diapers. What’s really bad is disposable diapers are filling up our landfills. Cloth diapers can be washed and later used for several more children or as rags for household needs. With disposable diapers Consumers Reports state that disposable diapers for one child will cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000 by the time one child leaves diapers behind. Cloth diapers are definitely better for the environment and makes better sense financially.

Some say that cloth diapering is making a comeback. The wash, dry and wear is coming back as a means of getting rid of many chemical and fragrances in some disposable diapers. What’s great about cotton cloth diapers is that they are soft against your baby’s skin, they pull the moisture away from the baby’s skin, and they let your baby’s bottom breathe more. Financially you are better off with cloth diapers and would be doing the environment a great justice.
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Buy reusable organic diaper liner from our store 0

Cottonique has designed a chemical-free organic 100% natural cotton diaper liner

to be placed between the diaper and baby. The diaper features 3 layer cotton pads that are highly absorbent ensuring Cottonique babies stay dry, happy and chemical-free.

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