For many, mouthwatering plates full of food, bottles of alcohol, hours of comedic flicks, or even just a personal time off give them the long-sought breathing space. But for some, getting rid of old, ill-fitting clothes and wearing new, comfortable ones complement their well-deserved relaxation.

In order to take good care of your well-being, we recommend starting looking into your clothing. Although clothes protect us from potentially harmful elements, your choice of outfit can also set the right mood and emotions, helping you to be at ease every day.

Here are the 7 allergy-free loungewear options to help you get that long-sought rest at home, perfect for those who have skin allergies and sensitive skin. 

1. Hoodie

Since working from home has become the new normal, so has the incredibly lightweight and cozy hoodies. As soon as you pull a hoodie over your head, the warmth and convenience quickly flow through its fabric. No other clothing piece could rival a hoodies' comfort meter as it completely engulfs areas from the upper torso down to the wrists.

Besides, nothing beats an outfit that would make you feel hugged by a luxuriously soft and thick blanket while lounging around your house on a fine Sunday morning.

Cottonique’s Pick: Light, warm, and comfortable are the adjectives you are looking for, so why not give our hypoallergenic Long Sleeve Hoodie a try? This newly-released piece will make you look good and feel good knowing it's made out of 100 percent organic cotton–a prime choice for men to fend off both the cold weather and unwanted irritants. 

 2. Long Sleeve T-Shirts

There's nothing more satisfying than wearing long sleeves shirts that could keep you professional and comfortable from the waist up as you embrace the work-from-home lifestyle.

Long sleeve shirts remain a wardrobe essential due to its dual-purpose ability. In the winter, it can be worn to keep your body temperate from the cold. In the summer, you can keep your skin safe against sunburn and UV damage.

Although they usually remain unpopular among today's go-to clothes, long sleeve shirts are known for their practicality: ideal for layering and perfect for lounging.

Cottonique's pick: For added easement while at home, score one in your size with these hypoallergenic Long Sleeve T-Shirts for men. For women, these 100% organic cotton Long Sleeve Ribbed T-Shirts can give you a sophisticated look whether you’re doing semi-casual activities outdoors or just chilling with your loved ones inside your home.

 3. Camisole

If you're going to brush up the basics of relaxation and comfort in front of women, then you must bring this breathable sleeveless undergarment to the table.

 When you're stuck at home working, there is no reason why you can't confidently show off some skin after a stressful week. Camisoles have a lightweight touch, making it the top daywear option or even a nightgown pick to wear around the house.

Cottonique's pick: The only thing better than a camisole is a camisole made out of 100% organic cotton. Rock this hypoallergenic camisole while letting loose at home. You can also pair this beaut with your favorite blazer to look professional and cozy at the same time when working. With its pure cotton quality, you will never want to wear anything else.

4. T-Shirts

You know, as they say, there is beauty in simplicity. Since people did not worry about work dress codes over the past months, a basic t-shirt seems to be the casual and versatile clothing item of the year.

 T-shirts are a consistent item in the list of comfort-clothing. Due to its durability, t-shirts last with age as the fabric starts to feel softer over time.

 Its pleasant fabric, soft texture, and easy-fitting feature in the neck area and shoulders make it a staple product that can be worn over and over again. No wonder why more and more people are starting to go into the so-called "t-shirt mode" during quarantine.

Cottonique’s pick: For men, you can put on this hypoallergenic t-shirt before starting your day. Soft and breathable, this top prides itself for being made from 100% organic cotton. For women, the round neck cap sleeve shirt remains a classic favorite as it can be used for various occasions, whether a barbecue session with the family or a Zoom video call.

5. Drawstring Lounge Pants

Nowadays, loungewear have become the favorites in the closet. Home-based workers currently view lounge pants as the effortless pick on a mountain of house clothes. They have started to get a liking into these easy-breezy pants for they can walk out of their apartment doors looking elegant rather than appearing too slouchy.

 Moreover, lounge pants go pleasantly with other pieces of casual clothing, giving you a truly laidback appearance that you deserve after long hours of work.

Cottonique’s pick: You will not regret these hypoallergenic drawstring lounge pants. Its drawstring design allows you to adjust the size to fit them perfectly while still keeping the skin safe from allergies and other sensitivities. It will surely maximize your relaxation in the same manner that a warm and thick bed sheet helps you sleep better at night.

6. Drawstring Lounge Shorts

People always love wearing pants, but sometimes the dynamics change. Those who work from home would tell you that they are always in the lookout for optimal clothes that provide comfort while sitting for long periods of time. The solution? Shorts.

Typically worn in warm weather, shorts are becoming a commonplace attire because of its comfortability. After all, life's too short to be uncomfortable.

Cottonique’s pick: If you want to feel more comfortable than what lounge pants give, then perhaps you could don some of our lounge shorts. With an adjustable waistband and loose-fit leg opening, these lounge shorts make the comfiest bottom, perfect for days of winding down.

7. Crew Socks

If you're planning to relax on a weekend, there is a high probability that you will spend a fair amount of time on your feet. So here's to the small piece of clothing that gives both softness and support to the body.

Aside from lessening the friction of the shoes on the barefoot, quality socks also offer superior comfort to cushion the feet and keep them warm.

Wearing socks can also keep you safe from conditions, such as blisters or sores on the foot. Make sure that you find the right pair of socks as it can make a huge difference.

Cottonique’s pick: Believe it or not, organic socks can significantly boost your mood, especially if it helps you take a closer step towards an irritation-free world. Why not try Cottonique's Lightweight Latex-Free Cotton Crew Socks? It will undoubtedly keep you comfortable all day long with no worries of blisters, itching, and redness. 

With all that has been happening these uncertain times, let us try to spread positivity as we cope each day with the pandemic-induced stress. Amid the worrying news headlines and negativity on social media, a little dose of self-care and comfort is what we need to loosen things up.

Reserving a few days off to take a moment to relax for yourself can be useful for your physical and mental health. And since comfortability has taken over sartorial elegance over the past months, it is understandable to start a new habit of collecting clothes that are all about comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a popular option that can be used for work or just for leisure, Cottonique got you covered. If you want to know more on possible allergens that might be hiding in your wardrobe, which then cause discomfort and irritation, read: 7 Common Clothing Choices that may Contain Possible Allergens

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I always need pockets in my pants and sweaters. Please re-make your long pants with pockets! The cut of your pants is off too. Make it high rise!!!
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