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Tattoo Ink Allergy: Think Before You Ink 0

Getting a tattoo is not a pain-free process and there are several risks to consider before subjecting your skin to a tattoo needle. Even if you choose a safe tattoo studio and an artist who uses a sterile needle, bad reactions can still occur right after you get a tattoo and even years later. Tattoo ink can potentially cause an allergic reaction which can then result to swelling, irritation, a rash, or some other skin problem, at or around the tattooed area.

Why You Need a Racerback Bra 0

A racerback bra is a must-have in any girl’s closet. It’s comfortable to wear and it works with a wide range of ensembles. It also suits a variety of breast sizes and shapes. Some racerback bras have other features, such as a clip or detachable straps that can be worn in different ways.

If you’re thinking about getting a racerback bra, we’ll help you decide by listing all the top benefits to this style that you need to know about.

The Best Hypoallergenic Clothes Come with these Criteria 2

If you're looking for the best hypoallergenic clothes chances are you’ll end up buying a pair of pure organic cotton clothes. Pure organic cotton is the best kind of material for people with sensitive skin or more specifically multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Not just because they’re softer than other fabrics, but pure organic cotton clothes have other features that make them the best hypoallergenic clothes and the criteria below are what give them that edge.


Organic Cotton Underwear is Good for the Planet 0

Organic cotton underwear is not just good for your private parts but it’s also good for the planet! The last thing we think about when it comes to underwear is its effect on the environment.


House Cleaning Tips to Keep Allergies at Bay 0

We list some tips to help you keep your house clean while keeping your allergies under control:

• Vacuum with a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. This type of filter works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, etc.

• Declutter your home

Extra boxes and decoration act as wonderful vantage point for dust, mites, and roaches and you don’t want those in your home.


5 Easy Ways to Avoid Textile Dermatitis 0


Textile dermatitis is what happens when you experience a rash whenever you put on a wool sweater or a pair of jeans. The rashes occur in places of your body that’s covered with the fabric on your clothes and oftentimes the cause of these rashes are the synthetic fibers, dyes or other chemicals that are in the fabric.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Front-Closure Bra 0

Your bra wardrobe should be as diverse and dynamic as the rest of your wardrobe. If your bra wardrobe only consists of the traditional ones, maybe it’s time to add something new and exciting to your lingerie routine. Sure, you’re used to wearing traditional ones, but you really should give front-closure bras a chance. 

Quick Guide to Finding the Best Men's Undershirt 0

Your undershirt has a huge influence on your outfit’s comfort and fit. How you wear it can determine whether you look stylish or sloppy. Undershirts are seen as an essential especially for men who wear a shirt and tie to the office every day.But how do you pick a good undershirt?

Organic Products: Go or No? 0

Organic skin care products and items are very popular now, and they can be seen and bought online and from physical stores. However, there is still an ongoing debate whether going organic is really safer or not. Here, we list some of the reasons why you should consider using organic products.

Organic Cotton is the Best Undies for You 0

When you go out to buy a pair of undies most of the times you choose the one you’re going to get according to the style, cut, color and how sexy it would look if you put it on. There are other times too that we take into consideration how comfortable the pair of undies we’re checking out, which is definitely better.


Another Good Reason to Go with Organic Cotton 0

Since the advent of organic cotton so many reports have attested to the benefits of purchasing this fabric. Not only is it safe to people’s skin but it is also lauded by environmentalists because of how environmentally safe this material is. Experts have said that textile companies are contributing regularly to the pollution of our oceans all because the fabric they use has micro-plastics in them that often end up in our seas and oceans.


For the New Mothers Out There 0

Mother’s Day is here once more and for new mothers out there this day is a monumental event in their lives. Every new mom is going through a plethora of emotions; from giddiness to utter exhaustion every new mom is going to feel like motherhood is a huge roller coaster ride of emotions.