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6 Common Skin Irritations in Infants You Should Be Aware Of 30

As COVID-19 continues to force families indoors, it is now crucial for parents to discern skin conditions affecting their children. In celebration of the National Child Health Day, Cottonique rounded up 6 common skin irritations in infants that you should be aware of. 

Baby Eczema: How to Manage It 0

Caring for your baby is a tough job and it can become even harder if your little bundle of joy is suffering from eczema. Fortunately, many parents have gone through this period in their lives and they say that anyone can survive this ordeal.

Help Your Child Sleep Through Eczema 0

When you have a child with eczema sleeping throughout the night without disruption seems almost impossible. Many parents blame the itchiness of this skin condition for their child’s erratic sleep patterns but unbeknownst to them, one other reason for kids to miss sleep is stress. If you want your child to sleep peacefully through the night then follow these suggestions:

Siblings and Sensitivities: Caring for Siblings of Kids with Eczema 0

When your child has atopic dermatitis or eczema, because of his or her young age, extra care is required to keep the symptoms at bay. Bathing, moisturizing and application of medications all take a significant amount of time and attention, which may have their siblings jealous of the extra care they’re receiving. If chronic itching is causing sleep loss not just for the child but the whole family, it can lead to crankiness, causing additional strain in the family.