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Cottonique’s Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask: A Mask Worthy of the Name 85

Cottonique takes the idea of mask-wearing up a notch with its newest addition to the roster of 100% organic cotton face masks. Enter the Elite Plus Hypoallergenic Face Mask: an epitome of comfortability, protection, and innovation.

Back To School? Here Are The 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Face Masks For Kids 0

As a new report supposedly found a sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among children in the United States, parents should know what qualities to look out for when searching for face masks for their kids. 

THE TRUTH UNMASKED: Why You Should Switch To Cloth Masks 14

As the demand for face masks goes up along with the countless viable options on the Internet, its widespread usage raises an obvious question between cloth and surgical masks: which offer the best protection?

Coping With Grass Allergy 0

It is one of life’s queer misfortunes that when everyone else is running about to smell fresh cut grass, you go down with an allergy and avoid it at all cost. And when the season for pollination begins during the summer, it starts to dampen your condition as well because you are allergic to pollen.

Allergic Shiners: A Not-so-shiny Sight 1

A dark circle under the eye is usually a sign of exhaustion or a fight. However, this is also a symptom of allergies. Allergic shiners are also called allergic facies or periorbital venous congestion/periorbital hyperpigmentation. While the discoloration is harmless, having it or seeing it on someone can be very worrisome.